ORGAN THING: A slice of musical beauty from Inti Rowland, that Kayo Dot tour with Botanist is almost here…


But you can’t stay here with every single hope you had shattered…. Thing of the Day? Not sure why? Just bits of music, bits of art, bits of underculture, things that pass this way, bits worth sharing, bits of this and bits of that, no big deal, just a simple page or two and some sharing of things like this rather beautiful song


That Kayo Dot European tour, with Botanist in support, has started already, they hit the UK next week, the London show, at the Macbeth on the 21st, also features Guapo, promises to be one of the gigs of the year, surely?

kayodot_tourflyer“Hello, friends! Kayo Dot’s 2015 European tour has begun! Here are the rest of the dates – come check us out!

14.04 Gothenburg, Sweden @ Fangelset.  15.04  Berlin, Germany @ Magnet.  16.04 Prague, Czech republic @ Vila Stvanice 17.04.Geneva, Switzerland @ Undertown. 18.04 Milano, Italy @ Anteprima Solomace. 19.04 Nice, France @ La Zonme.  20.04 Paris, France @ Espace B.  21.04 London, @ The Macbeth. 22.04 Edinburgh @ Banshee Labyrinth. . 23.04 Manchester  @ Islington Mill 25.04 Plymouth @ The Underground 26.04 Caen, France @ tbc.  27.04 Essen, Germany @ Panic Room.  28.04 Warsaw, Poland @ Mozg Powszechny. 29.04.2015 Budapest, Hungary @ GMK.     Hope to see you out there! And if you are a concert promoter with an offer for one of the empty days, please let us know. Much love, Toby Driver on behalf of Kayo Dot”




More of this tomorrow, maybe……

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