ORGAN THING: Upsilon Acrux, Auxiliary Mammals, Chastity Belt….

#365Art Drop part 114

#365Art Drop part 114

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY? A bag load of things for Monday, ‘ere, have a slice of the rather impressive new video made to accompany another fine moment from Upsilon AcruxSmells Kline is a prog as flip track from the L.A band’s excellent new album, Upsilon Acrux are a band who are more about prog rock as an attitude, as a feeling, a celebration, a band challenging themselves rather than trying to show us how well they can play, nothing more tedious than a clinical math rock band, Upsilon Acrux are the antidote to all that look how well well can play tedium, nothing ruins music more than musicians. Upsilon Acrux are one of the very best bands out there right now…


Auxiliary Mammals just said, “Hey , Auxiliary Mammals is a noise-rock band based in Baltimore, MD (USA). Our main influences are: Daughters, Arab on Radar, and The Jesus Lizard. Here’s a Bandcamp link to our demo which we released in October 2014”, I guess they want a review or something? Like we said before, no need to review things these days, if we think it worth bothering with then all we need to throw at you is the music and the link, Auxiliary Mammals are certainly worth bothering with…


Chastity Belt, have just announced a London date, not that we’re wishing the summer away already you understand, it happens on October 16th at White heat, here’s the Facebook event page should you feel the need, here some previous Organ coverage



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