ORGAN: Squares and Triangles join John Lawrence for the close of his Residency in a Record Store exhibition


To mark the end of his Residency in a Record Store exhibition, John Lawrence has invited Squares and Triangles to play a live in-store performance in which ideas and themes brought up during the residency period are integrated.

Sung/spoken text will explore relationships between analogue technologies and physical space, absence, record collecting, and the epistemic problems created by physics.

Squares and Triangles formed in 2007 while improvising music on pump organ, drums, and guitar in a wooden shed in Sweden. The band is now comprised of Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, Sam Porritt, Anthony Faroux, and Maria Zahle. When playing music together, the band is not focused on style or a particular sound, but on a method of structured group improvisation which attempts to gel freedom into something like a song form.

The band often plays in response to spaces or situations; a recent LP was recorded back in Sweden in a shed, a barn, and a rowboat. For their performance at Flashback, the band will be playing instruments which can be carried on the Tube, with this portability allowing them to move freely around the store as they play music.

Tonight, Wednesday 10th June, 7pm until 9pm, at Flashback Records 131 Bethnal Green Road, London, United Kingdom

More info: /  Facebook event page

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