Den City, Hackney Wick(ed), Exo//Schizm, open galleries, artists studios, all happening this weekend, the ethos is, ‘let’s enjoy it it whilst we can’.

hw_logoThis weekend over at Hackney Wick, around Fish Island and the surrounding area of fast disappearing East London, lots of things are happening. Things? Creativity, art, painting, performance, dancing around architecture (while maybe watching a ship, or a Sweet Toof encrusted canal boat, arriving too late to save a drowning witch?). The annual Hackney WickED arts festival has been forced to evolve. Highlights this weekend include the Den-City installation, A Performance from art group The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE, as well as galleries and artists studios open all over the Wick… it all happens over the forthcoming weekend, events kick off on Friday June 26 with lots of private views and galleries openings (mostly happening between 6-9pm), and then the main body of events will happen on Saturday June 27, (from around 2pm until 9pm) and then through the afternoon of Sunday June 29,

hw_dencityimageDen-City? What;s that then?  DEN-City1 is to be “a temporary utopian city of installations, dens and assemblages. Colourfully, repurposing, and recycling on the theme Work in Progress” . DEN- City1 will be mushrooming on a prime piece of land right by the Olympic site in Hackney, “Forget Glastonbury, this is a free space, an art city where money has been abolished. Den City is part of the London Festival of Architecture. . Den City will Feature art, artists, talks, workshops, poetry, performance, “special opening night events and many other surprises”.

den_city_flyerxArtist Rebecca Feiner’s Den City will feature a number of  artists including Paul Sakoilsky, Hannah Gardiner, Kate Farrow, David.C.West, Sean Worrall, Matthew Andrew, Susanna Sanroman, India Roper Evans, Charlie Fox, Anna Maloney, Martin Sexton, Rubbish Artist, Sarah Sparkes, Sarah Doyle, Tom Estes, Mia Culpa, William Angus Hughes, Rebecca Scott, Meiko Kikuta, MonikaTobel, Samuel Brzeski, Danny Pockets, Joanna McCormick, Julia Maddison, Andrew Stys, Cluster Bomb Collective, Gzillion Artist, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Jude Cowan Montague, Iris Garrelfs, Ansell Cizic and more.

Traditionally at this time of year the (by now legendary) Hackney WickED arts festival takes place, however, pressure from the various authorities coupled with the destructive creep of re-development and gentrification that is rather rapidly chasing the creative community out of East London, means Hackney WickED is not officially happening this year.. There may not officially be a Hackney WickED but the Wicked team have been hard at work and there are many (many) events, lots of artists opening their studios, open galleries with new shows and performances happening alongside this weekend’s London Festival of Architecture

Hackney WickED themselves say they are “pleased to be able to commission
the performance art group The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE to present EXO//SCHIZM

hw_exoPerformance art group The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE present an EXO//SCHIZM- a ritual to baptize a new phase of beings known as the EXO//DIRECTIVES, equiped to occupy the increasingly precarious environment known as The Immediate (also known as The Kettle in Our Heads).

The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE act as a Cargo Cult, reconfiguring specific cultural debris and sportsware into exo skeleton armour and ceremonial totems to create immersive environments used for performance rituals that reference strands of Hip Hop history, pyschogeography, cyberpunk, science fiction and the theory of Gothic Futurism by the late nasal rapper/ graffiti art philosopher, performance artist RAMM:ELL:ZEE.

From 2014-2015 The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE have performed large scale immersive rituals at artist run spaces such as The Gasworks, DIG space, The Pumphouse (a squatted museum in Greenwich) and at institutes such as Modern Art Oxford, Somerset House and also at The Saatchi Gallery. They recently set up a ritual training camp whilst on a two week residency at The Radicals festival in Rotterdam organised by Roodkapje.EXO//SCHIZM  Facebook event

hw_annie_attridgeAll over Hackney Wick “artists are coming together to organise a DIY Open Studios event, to celebrate the artistic and creative community that currently resides in the area.. This may potentially be the last Open Studios event of its kind prior to many artist studios buildings and work spaces being re-developed, and artists being moved out of their current spaces. The ethos is, ‘let’s enjoy it it whilst we can’.

The weekend will commence with private views across Hackney Wick on Friday 26 June from 6pm followed by a Hackney WickED CIC fundraiser party, an intimate event with local artists, including Douce Angoisse, DJ Esa and other artists and performers, authentic to the Wick. The event is supported by local venue Grow Hackney and tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th June: 12-6pm  sees a weekend programme of events and studio & gallery. Over one-hundred artists open studios across the following buildings:  Mother Studios, Space (Britannia Works, Bridget Riley, White Building, Eastway Studio), See Studio, Stour Space, arebyte/ARBEIT, Lionworks, Old Peanut Factory, Wallis Rd, Cell, Liquid Studios, 92 White Post Lane, DEN-City1, Vittoria Wharf, Fish Island Labs/ Swan Wharf, Grow Hackney and more

Hackney WickEd 2014

Hackney WickEd 2014

Other highlights from the series of events for this coming weekend include

Arebyte will be showing work of South African artist Nelmarie du Preez will take part in the last series of our gallery residencies and solo-shows for the Winter-Spring program. For the duration of the residency du Preez has spent in the ‘lab’ where she has constructed a new artwork following her previous work “Loops of relation” (2013), which explored the human-computer relationship by means of trust or performance ‘exercises’ performed by herself and her robot..

hw_2014_2r-urban wick TRUST / LAND / COMMUNITY  – Fri 26th June (7-9pm) at Stour Space – A Community Land Trust for workspace in Hackney Wick and Fish Island.  “Can the prospect of a community Land Trust be the answer to Hackney Wick’s dilemma around the provision of affordable workspace as well as housing? Hackney Wick is full with ideas and approaches to workspace led development, however without land ownership and capital, the community has few options for realising its dreams. But if the community could have its way with a piece of local land, what might it look like? How might it work? And who might it be for? How can we collectively articulate a demand for land to be trusted to the community? Boris Johnson 2012 Manifesto pledged a Community Land Trust in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Can we hold the Mayor accountable to his original promise? The Wick Session is calling on all those who want to get involved and help set up a Community Land Trust in Hackney Wick and Fish Island. A series of presentations by invited speakers will help frame the conversation and hopefully help us articulate a joint position”.

Hackney WickED 2014

Hackney WickED 2014

Lion Works – David leFlemming | Manu likes to disco  – David will be show a few paintings in the alleyway between Lionworks and Liquid, outside unit G3, 55 Wallis Road.

The ongoing year-long #365ArtDrops piece will continue around Hackney Wick throughout the weekend. Mostly around about and as part of the Den City installation.  The #365ArtDrops piece of work is a piece in 365 parts, 365 paintings on things found on the street and then hung back out on the street for people to take.It is expected that something like thirty or so parts of the piece will be left out over the weekend.

Dollyolli Studios – Marie Brenneis has curated a live performance events with some butoh dance and some very dark dancing on plus poetry, live music, sound art and open studios, were you can come and see our new work. Live poetry on Friday (6pm – 9pm) with Phillip Barron, Sunshine Faggio, Cam Ringel and Raw Poetry. On Saturday Butoh dancer Mai Nguyen Tri will be performing her new piece on the hour every hour. Unit F1, 55 Wallis Road. There will be surprises in store on the day


Vicious Collective Open Studio – Vicious Collective Present an Open Studio of Artist’s in residence at Unit 18, 10 Stour Road, E3 2NT including the work of Artist’s Conrad Armstrong, Nuha Ruby Ra, Sean Wild, Rowena Boshier and many more – plus other performances, installations and happenings throughout the day and evening, At Unit 16 & 17 you’ll find a group show featuring artists Will Hartley | Hannah Gardiner | Luis Martín | James Forde | Sara Kärpänen

At 92 White Post Lane you will find Ben Hopper’s Open Studio: Ben will be opening his studio in Hackney for a very special clearance sale with super crazy bonkers discounts to raise money for his North America trip (whatever that may be?)

over on Wallis Road you’ll find work from artists including: Anna Popovich, Alex Heaton, Michael Sydney Moore, Lewis Heriz, Bruce Ingram, Michael Obrizkiv, Yvona Nov, Natalie Ryde , Aki Moriuchi, Andrew Bethell, David Snewin, Peter Sanders

Anna Popavich Open Studio  – To celebrate the launch of her new collection, join Anna “for a glass of wine, view the new collection and discover where and how each of my designs is created” There will also be a sample sale over the weekend

At the Old Peanut Factory, 22 Smeed Road – The OLD Peanut Factory collective, ” an assorted mix of professional artists/designers/composers will be showcasing work for the curious minded”.

SPACE Open Studios  – SPACE will be opening their various studio doors in Hackney Wick during the weekend. “This is a great opportunity to see the diverse work of hundreds of the leading contemporary artists in London, meet the artists and makers and look inside their studios”  artists showing work will include Sheena Calvert, Adam King, Janet Bell, Peter Ainsworth, Michael Ashcroft, Ruth Calland, Mick Dean, Adam Forman, Paul Green, Maggie Jennings, Martin McGinn, Paul Norton, Alison Smart, Sara Bellon, Paul Dash, Erin Lawlor, Julian Perry, Claire Pestaille, Siobhan Stanley, Alex Dordoy, Delyth Bolt, Jim Jack, Marsha Saunders, Wilfrid Wood, Alex Chilvers, Photis Charalambou, Floyd Varey, James Faure Walker, Diana Taylor, Graham Harwood, James Brown, Sam.Wingate, Linda Simmonds, Jenny Blanchard, Vanessa Mitter, Paul Brandford, Jeanette Barnes, Gary Colclough, Kate Terry, Sharon Elphick, Josh, Jozef Popjak, Kwabena Gyedu, John King, Pandora Vaughan, Joe Carcary, Marian Monas, Paul Flannery. Robert Muir, Michael Frangou

SPACE artists can be found at the following addresses – The White Building: Queen’s Yard White Post Lane, E9 5EN, at Britannia Works: Dace Road, E3 2NQ, at Bridget Riley Studios: 43-45 Dace Road, E3 2NG and at at Eastway Laundry Studios: 80 Eastway, E9 5GH

Mother Open Studios – Mother Studios artists will be opening their studios to the public throughout the weekend.  “All welcome, this is your chance to see a diverse range of work and to meet and mingle with painters, sculptors, jewellers and more.  Including:  Ana Maria Ripoll Alonso, Susan Swartzberg, Mackenzie Scott, Maryam Hashemi,Michael Worobec, Nadia Ugobuono, Camilla Scaramang, Nina Mankin & Robert Aberdein


Stour Space Open Weekend 2015: Workshops, Tours, Performance & Music and a number of workshops and events “with our favourite people and organisations, all held at Stour Space” – Including: Daniel latorre, Emma Ware, FrillyByLily, Gunther Jancke, James Bowman, Joanna Georgiades, Jodi Mcfayden HIT+RUN: live screen printing- Bob Motown will lead a live t-shirt screen-printing afternoon. Visitors can print from a range of designs and purchase a t-shirt on the spot.  Pen Pushers: Back to the Jungle-Tigers, Giraffes, and your little Monkeys… The Pen Pushers team will be recycling cardboard from Westfield shopping centre and reverting it back to a natural habitat for your kids to explore. Printersmith: Linocut printing workshop – Design, create and print your own linocut prints with The Counter Cafe resident printer, Hannah Jane Smith.

Paradisco: Stour Space Gallery – The highly-anticipated exhibition PARADISCO by Andi Gáldi Vinkó is on display in the main gallery. In her debut UK show, Hungarian photographer Andi Gáldi Vinkó presents Paradisco, an ongoing series of sociological portraits exploring Gáldi Vinkó’s generation of disaffected youth. Alluding to an elusive paradise, the title combines ‘Para’, slang in Hungarian for ‘fear’, with ‘disco’, a term universally understood to indicate fun. This duality – capturing both the frailty and absurdity of the world, as well as the desire to celebrate one’s own place in it – runs throughout Paradisco. In a recent profile in Photograph Magazine, Elisabeth Biondi highlights how ‘an important aspect of Gáldi Vinkó’s work is the exploration of how we see ourselves and how we perpetually attempt to control how we are perceived.’

90 Gallery presents Ronch, 90 Main Yard – The second exhibition at the new “90 Gallery” we will present an extremely curious and interesting body of work made by Stefano Ronchi. The main feature of his work – surrealism. The meticulous attention to detail in microcosms crowded and dense with situations, through a miniaturist approach, supported by the use of a magnifying glass to define every square inch of the work. Urban contexts are dismembered in a dream-like swarm of architecture, forms and social relations disrupted, provocatively juxtaposed with no apparent order. Childhood memories and surreal dreams are recomposed with graphite or colour on canvas and paper, often through pareidolia, returning a duel between the freedom of the absurd and arbitrariness of the rule. There will be little pieces made by Stefano and hidden by him. If you are lucky and attentive you can have the chance to find the little treasures somewhere around the venue of Number 90. Curated by Ema E.Marinova

Don City Radio is a new up and coming multi genre station with a variety of acts, the station has been running since mid January but we have had a lot of dJ’s that have come as special guest not to mention the up and coming DJ’s that have slots on a weekly bases and also come with mc’s, poets, presenters. They’ll also be at the Hackney WickED Retro Party on Fri 26th. Tune in to Don City >>

oh look, we could go on listing things happening over this rather special weekend around this unique part of soon to be gone East London, there’s creative things going on all over the Wick,  the ethos is, ‘let’s enjoy it it whilst we can’.  (SW)

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