ORGAN THING: London paste-up artist Donk moves on up to Higher Ground….

Donk then, his sepia paste-ups have been all over London for a few years now. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of some of these mass-produced photoshop artwork paste-up artists and their repeating of their thing again and again (and again) as they cover cover up actual paint and such with their damn glue and bits of paper and their phone-boxes and their what-have-yer, but this new Donk piece is a really impressive step up, a really considered piece of art, a gloriously impress piece….




“I saw this place under the bridges on Lee river last summer, and decided to try and make a site specific paste-up to fit the gap between the two fly-overs.  I thought that something slightly post-apocalyptic could work well here, but I also wanted to make an image that made some kind of a connection between human strength & vulnerability and the innate strength and vulnerability found within nature itself; an ability for survival and renewal beyond the odds.  So eventually I ended up with an image depicting this lone female figure standing on top of a tower of debris, which is gradually being reclaimed by the wild.
The girl the image is the amazing Jesych an Instagram friend who was kind enough to help me out! (She also sings and plays the Ukulele.)  A massive thanks also to my long-suffering girlfriend who helped on a cold ass day!  I doubt this will stay long due to the location, but it was great to finally see it up. Thank you It’s title is ‘Higher Ground'”
  so says Donk

donk_flyover2 donk_flyover3

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