ORGAN THING: Donk, Skeleton Cardboard, Best Before End, a little more thought on the streets of London…

Well why not?  Rather like Donk‘s understated print work, his paste-ups around the fractured back streets of London have a bit of dark printerly grit to them, an appreciation of the printing technique and texture rather and a tediously slick bit of digital boredom and another cheap bit of semi-slick thoughtlessness, Donk’s work has a little more substance to it than most of the “art” being pasted up on the walls of London now, alongside Aida Wilde, he’s a little bit of an oasis in the desert that is half-though slogans and badly coloured stuck-in-a-rut paste-up Trump, Bowie, Amy clutter. Rather like this recent Donk collaboration with fellow London artist Skeleton Cardboard, Mr Cardboard does the Basquiat thing far better than most, he does it with a re-booted sense of nail-on-the-head error message humour, the language of now, of the selfie and the “like” generation, a little more than a bout of attention-seeking loss-leading paste ups before the next show of cloned pieces down at Saatchi’s place if you know what we mean. We have a lot of time for the prints and paste ups of Donk and for Skeleton around these parts, street art or whatever you wish to call it, art with a little mote thought and substance…


Not sure who’s photo we’ve stolen there, street art, it belongs to no one, it belongs to everyone and naturally there’s a print as a result of the collaboration…. “BEST BEFORE END!! Only 30 of these hand finished bad boys are now available to own online…. Link here. A collaboration piece with theskeletoncardboard and our take on the themes of #momentomori & #yolo”


Previous Donk coverage on these pages ” ORGAN THING: London paste-up artist Donk moves on up to Higher Ground…. Donk then, his sepia paste-ups have been all over London for a few years now. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of some of these mass-produced photoshop artwork paste-up artists and their repeating of their thing again and again (and again) as they cover cover up actual paint and such with their damn glue and bits…”


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