ORGAN: What the Pop Group tolerated next… More from The Classical.. Some beauty from Maria Due…

43_jan2016Were we half way around the corner when the tea started to take effect? Was it that and the road rage, well the social media rage, rage against the price of tea or the algorithm or what ever The Pop Group are agitating against or not tolerating, fraught debates? Who’d have thought a born again Pop Group would matter more than ever, what a state of affairs that they should have to.    ..

Busy painting 43 paintings, 43 pieces of work to be hung at a place yet to be announced, on the 43rd day of the year.

Following on from 2015’s year-long piece that was the #365ArtDrops piece of work, #43 will be a new piece from Sean Worrall consisting of 43 parts and revealed somewhere in London on the 43rd day of 2016″.

Now this looks like it might well be worth being at, really anything involving The Pop Group is worth being at…. The Pop Group say “we’ll be at Rough Trade East (Brick Lane, East London) on Monday 22nd February 7pm for a one-off event with Kodwo Eshun and Mark Fisher.

“The Pop Group’s ‘For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?’ was one of the most challenging records of the post-punk era. The album and its reception reflected the fraught debates about the relationship between music and politics which convulsed post-punk, and which continue to haunt us now.

pop_group_massThis unique event will begin with a playback of ‘For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?’, and the single ‘We Are All Prostitutes’. After the playback, discussion of the album will be led by Kodwo Eshun (the Otolith Group, author of More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction) and Mark Fisher (author of Capitalist Realism and Ghosts Of My Life), who will be joined by Mark Stewart and Gareth Sager of The Pop Group. Was ‘For How Much Longer …’ ever properly heard in 1980, and what can it tell us about our current moment?”

You see, the thing about The Pop Group was and still is that… well no, let’s keep that under our black and white hats with the tea and the road rage and here you are…


Rather like this, Maria Due, know nothing about her other than that she’s from Oslo and this version of a Van Der Graff Generator classic (everything Van Der Graaf ever do is a classic of course) dates from 2014…


And here’s more from The Classical for what it may be worth, The Classical have featured on these pages before of course, they just got in touch to tell us there’s a new video. And so, while we wait by the door, and watch for helpless sea monsters stranded, here’s a new video from the rather beguiling Bay Area thing that is The Classical. Seems “It’s the difference between the radiant inner life and the outer, armed-to-the-teeth one.” or something like that, anyway, here it is, they think you might like it, at least that’s what they said just now……..



The thing that always needs to happen is that bands and such realize that that this all needs to be a two way thing, support works both ways.


We’re out of here, 43 things to paint….  43 days….


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