ORGAN THING: ‘Y in Dub’ a dynamic dub reconstruction of The Pop Group’s formidable debut album ‘Y’ is on the way, hear a first taste here…

Organ Thing of The Day: ““Dub to me is the music of chance.  A teenage dream come true – at last – this one’s for the explorers.” – Mark Stewart. (The Pop Group)

‘Y in Dub’ is a dynamic dub reconstruction of The Pop Group’s formidable debut album ‘Y’ and their historic debut single ‘She Is Beyond Good & Evil’.

“Following the announcement that The Pop Group and dub maestro Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell MBE will perform the worldwide premiere of Y in Dub for Terry Hall presents Home Sessions for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 on 31 July 2021, this clash of titans have now announced the album release of Y in Dub, the dub reinterpretation of Y, one of the era-defining releases of the post-punk period. Listen to the coruscating funk of‘Words Disobey Me’, here adapted into an altogether uncanny reckoning of expanded off-key noise and ricocheting song remnants”:

Released on Mute on CD and digitally on 29 October 2021, with the vinyl release set to follow at a later date. Pre-Order ‘Y in Dub here

“Mirroring the tracklisting of their 1979 debut, Y in Dub is a 9-track collection of heavyweight dub versions that match the prodigious intensity of their source material, reflecting the enterprising originality of the dub and reggae music that inspired The Pop Group, as well as the legendary ingenuity of their longstanding collaborator Dennis Bovell, recently was awarded an MBE for his services to music.

After celebrating the 40th anniversary reissue of Y – released by Mute in 2019 – The Pop Group enlisted Bovell to reinterpret the album after his extraordinary appearance at Rough Trade East in London for the band’s ‘Salon Y’ event series the same year. The event saw Bovell perform live versions of ‘She Is Beyond Good & Evil’ and ‘3.38’, based on the deconstructive principles of dub. With Y In Dub, Bovell reprises his role at the controls.

Testifying to the legacy of the original yet also signifying a new, alternate triumph, Y In Dub sees The Pop Group and Bovell explore latent possibilities within the fabric of Y. Here they amplify shadows and echoes, intensively accentuating the resonance of each element. The original material is submerged and prolonged, shattered, splintered, and sculpted into turbulent, contrasting forms which deviate from the original tracks in compelling, unexpected ways.  

The Pop Group will perform this brand new dub version of their timeless album Y with original producer and dub maestro Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell MBE on 31 July 2021, with support from Dennis Bovell (DJ set) and Tessa Pollit (The Slits, DJ set). 31 July 2021 – The Pop Group vs Dennis Bovell: HMV Empire, Coventry

STOP PRESS: Last minute venus switch, details are here and the gig will now be at the gig will be at Coventry Cathedral Ruins (which sounds rather special to us)


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