ORGAN THING: BombArt is a collaboration between artists Mark Stewart (he of the Pop Group) and Peter Harris…

Organ Thing: Now where were we? Ducking the heat and trying to make deadlines, we are all something or other and someone once sang in such a gloriously vital kind of way. Vombart?  We;re told “BombArt is a collaboration between artists Mark Stewart and Peter Harris”, we can go with that, the words and the details and all that kind of thing direct form one of the horse’s mouths or something along those lines


Mark Stewart and Peter Harris

Here’s the Bombar link, and there’s the words that came our way on this hot day…

“Mark Stewart is an artist, vocalist, producer and songwriter from Bristol. As a founding member of The Pop Group and as a soloist, Stewart has remained an anarchic and pioneering figure since the punk era, a constant source of discordance amongst the frontiers of post-punk, dub, industrial and electronic music. In a body of work driven by a explosive form of lyricism and inspired by radical politics, protest movements, theory, philosophy, technology, art and poetry, Stewart has fearlessly cultivated a revelatory collision of ideas, ideals and influences throughout an indisputably ground-breaking and seditious career.

Exploding the myth of culture since scandalising Kunstforum with ‘Hitler’s Secret Daughter’ in Vienna, Mark Stewart has recently worked with Kenneth Anger at the Servalles Foundation in Porto, been artist in residence at Western Front Vancouver and is preparing an extensive retrospective in Tokyo. As co-founder of the New Banalists with Rupert Goldsworthy, Stewart was the first truly viral artist with cross-platform provocations as a sound artist/montagist and general prankster. His work has been aligned to King Mob, the Dutch Provos and the Viennese Actionists. On the recent reissue of his debut solo album Learning To Cope With Cowardice.

Moving, mind-mangling, amazing…sounds that still beckon from an unrealized future’ whilst The Wire have called the album ‘the perfect alchemical marriage of wayward genius… the ultimate statement of radical visionary consciousness’.
Dangerous Minds

Peter Harris is an artist, film-maker and musician. His work often involves experimenting with new ways of making self-portraits, many of which become collaborations.  In 1998 he began working ‘by proxy’, inviting family and cultural icons who have had an influence on his life to give him ideas for paintings, searching for his identity through those who had played a part in constructing it. This current project with Mark Stewart continues this idea, exploring a more in-depth collaboration through an ongoing series.

His longest running and most well-known association is with Jamaican music legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Since 2003 they have been working on a series of drawings, paintings and films as well as music projects.

In 2003 he collaborated with the London Mennonite Society to make the short film Hymn which was screened at the National Film Theatre. His feature length cult documentary Higher Powers (2004) features interviews with a host of eclectic personalities including the future Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Ken Russell, Uri Geller, a gangster, police chief, religious leader as well as artists interspersed with performance art pieces and animations.

In 2018 he began working with Trashmouth Records and released his first solo album Adverts which included guest performances by Lee Perry and Vic Godard. Each album contained an ‘art advert’ in the form of a one-off painted collage.

He is currently working with Zsa Zsa Sapien from the South London band Meatraffle on a collaborative music project under the name ‘The Hi Fi Twins’.

‘One of the most original, thought-provoking and unsettling artists of his generation’. Simon Groom, Director of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

‘The London art world does not deserve him’.  John Slyce, Flash Art

‘England’s number one painter’.  Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

‘The Art Don’  Adrian Sherwood


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