ORGAN THING: Poly Math hit East London’s old Blue Last tonight, Berlin’s Body Bender flow beautifully…

All aboard, quick couple of parish notices for a sunny Saturday Thing of The Day. The rather excellent Poly Math are launching their album tonight at East London’s Old Blue Last.  The gig is a late night affair, bands on from 10.45pm with Poly Math finishing at 1.20pm and then alternative mathy Chaos Theory DJs until 4am, the whole thing starts at 10.30pm, entry is free, stamina is needed, .


Poly Math are, in the words of the Chaos Theory team, “an absolute belter of a trio, who have mastered walking the line between complex polyrhythmic math rock and headnoddingly bouncy riffs. In only few short years, they’ve independently amassed a huge following across Europe’s prog and math rock scenes with the release of a few blindingly good early singles, hugely anticipated debut EP ‘Reptiles’, and some carefully chosen gigs, including an early slot at the first ever ArcTanGent, where we discovered them by accident”.

The new Poly Math mini-album ‘Melencolia’ is coming out via Superstar Destroyer Records (pre-order here), meanwhile, here a taste of something previous.

Explore the whole Poly Math back catalogue here  Support tonight comes from Theo and Evil Looking Bird More details of the whole thing tonight via the Facebook event page

There’s some previous Organ Poly Math coverage over here


meanwhile Berlin’s rather warm Body Bender have some new recordings available. They got our attention via that cover art work from one of our favourite artists Agata Cardoso, here’s the new work, more when we’ve had a moment to explore them, flowing rather beautifully so far….






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