ORGAN THING: Body Hound, Polymath, mince pies, Old Blue Last, free entry, East London, this Wednesday

Organ Thing of The Day? Loads of awkwardly good ear food (and mince pies) this Wednesday in East London. no, not awkward, gloriously fluid.  So anyway, the good people over at Fool’s Paradise (are they good people? I’m sure they are?), the good people over at Fools Paradise have a Christmas Part over at the Old Blue Last this coming Wednesday, that’s East London to you and me, and Wednesday 16th December, free entry, do come along (pretty sure you owe us a pint for telling you about this). Now last time we saw Polymath there it was rather good, here, here’s some words about last time 



Polymath are from Brighton, they’re regulars on the Other Rock Show, they’re a mathy band with a hint of a fingerprint of their own, their instrumental pieces gallop, all angular arms and upright musicians feeding off each others dynamic. Like Lost in The Riots before them, Polymath have a personality, bits of Battles, touches of King Crimson (in a very modern sense), pieces that bite at yer ankles, a bass held high, a powerful presence, and vitally, something of their own to add to the instrumental math rock scene.  There’s some seriously tight impressive musicianship here, they feed each other in an accomplished way, the signals, the nods that almost seem to not need to happen, another band playing with feel, with attitude, with warmth – oh and they have a new album as well.  Three rather impressive math rock bands and a fine bill put together by the hard working Chaos Theory crew, wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it so much, math rock, on the whole, has become rather tedious, this was good….

That Polymath gig was back in the Spring, this week Polymath are sharing that same stage with the equally rewarding  Bodyhound – “Influenced by Meshuggah, Yes, Stravinsky and numerous others. Body Hound will not only be welcomed as new favourites to the experimental community, but they’ll be worshiped as pioneers for years to come”.  They’ve been getting regular airplay on the Other Rock Show of course…



Also on the good looking bill are  SUNSHINE FRISBEE LASERBEAM and  TOBY SAVILL (Noyo Mathis) “We will have mince pies and feel free to wear your favourite Christmas outfit! FREE ENTRY!!!, Doors 8pm, Plus DJs playing all the Christmas hits.



And let us just leave this gloriously stretched-out thing here…


More later… maybe

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