ORGAN THING: The 2016 Art Car Boot Fair, those handy dates and seaside treats…


Boot time, get your boots on, alright everybody, get your boots on. The Art Car Boot Fair dates for this year are out, the dates are in place and ready for your diaries, your fridge doors or where ever else you keep important dates. The main Brick Lane event had already been quietly announced of course, but now you can add a day at the East Sussex Seaside (seaside treats indeed). Always a highlight of the year in terms of the art Calender (or diary or big red fridge door or where you do put those dates?).  This year, in addition to the annual adventures down Brick Lane, East London, we’re all off to Hastings.


The Dates for that fridge door are, Sunday 12th June, Brick Lane and Saturday 16th July, Hastings (if you have a fridge that is?).

This year the theme of the Art Car Boot Fair is The Hand.  Dextrous not sinister, this years Art Car Boot Fair comes to you with a mandate to enjoy, and with our hands on our hearts we promise you much frivolity and even more serious art bargains to boot. Plus hand-cranked vintage Vauxhall cars and  a spray of pretty Adams. Manual transmission only, extravagant hand signals and absolutely no hand brakes being applied

Our hand-selected line-up of leading artists will be present and waiting at their car boots with carefully hand-finished just-for-the-day art booty, awaiting you to cross their ink & paint stained palms with silver so they can hand over some rare and precious artefacts and artworks, for you to hang in handsome splendor in your homes.

Plus! Art you can wear directly on your fingers and art you can make under the guiding hands of artists, with your own hands.

In and amidst the art collecting frenzy there will be a fabulous and inspired range of hands-on entertainments, a boxing ring stage, some handbag slinging, a few rounds, exotic finger food, hand-pushed trolley bars from Artists Behind Bars with hand-pulled bitter, two fingers of whiskey and hand-shaken martinis, plus incredible sleights of hand and close-up magic, live palm reading, nail art, extraordinary glove puppetry, Punch & Judy, spanking hands, inky fingers, real hand-printing, searches for lost g(loves), hand holding, a punch, a little slapping and lots to tickle your fancies – whatever they may be.

Art Car Boot Fair - hand...

Art Car Boot Fair – hand…

The Art Car Boot Fair is always a fun day, a good day, a day where art lets his or her hair down and interacts, smiles, join in, and an artist, I love taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair, art of course is a serious business and there’s always some serious good art to discover (big names, affordable prices).

In terms of Cultivate, we shall be taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair again this year, and as always Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall, as Cultivate, will be inviting other artists to join us in out “boot”. This year’s event happens on Sunday June 12th and the full up in the Cultivate boot will be Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, the wordy duo that is Quiet British Accent and joining us this year Mr Skeleton Cardboard. More about the Cultivate side of the Art Car Boot Fair over on the Cultivate pages closer to the date, and yes, I expect there will be another One Hundred Pieced Piece this year.   (sw)

Full line up for the entire Art Car Boot Fair and lots more details here very soon…

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