ORGAN THING: The Art Conference happens this weekend, what’s that then?



So what is the Art Conference then? The Arts Conference is happening this weekend here in London, According to the press release The Art Conference is a Two-day festival full of art, culture and technology”

“The Art Conference is a two-day festival for art, tech and culture professionals held on the 23rd and 24th of July, brings together 18+ international keynote speakers, artists and thought leaders to debate across a series of seminars, panel discussions and interactive exhibitions. We are creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with contemporary art from a fresh perspective”

Not sure what a “culture professional” actually is.likewise “thought leaders” but hey, keep an open mind, there’s certainly some decent art involved this coming weekend… .


“The Art Conference will be occupying all the three floors of The Ugly Duck, a 19th century building in London Bridge, with the two top floors dedicated to the conference and the ground floor to our Exhibitions Hall where we will have mini solo shows from Robert Montgomery, Tinsel Edwards, Maser, Will Vibes, Colin McMaster, Dan Witz,  a mural program by Mr. Penfold and an amazing Visual Reality experience from Jose Montemayor”.


Tinsel Edwards

The panel of keynote speakers include:  Jordan Seiler (Artist, Founder of Public Ad Campaign), Mia Grondahl (Art Administrator, Founder of Women on Walls), Dan Witz  (Artist, Project Breathing Room), Tinsel Edwards (Artist and Activist), RJ Rushmore (Journalist and Curator, Founder of Vandalog), Lucy McLauchlan (Artist), Robert Montgomery (Artist, Poet and Sculptor), Maser (Fine Artist and Mural Painter), Jose Montemayor (VR artist and photographer), Valentina Fois (Digital art curator), Dan Lewis (App Developer, Founder of Skute), Teresa Latuszewska (Founder of Urban Forms Foundation), Vestalia Chilton (Curator of MB6, Morocco), Guillaume Trotin (Director of OpenWalls Gallery), Louis Jensen (Art Director, Founder of Spraying Bricks), Charlotte Webster (Arts Administrator, Founder of Human Nature).



The exhibitions in the Exhibition Hall will cover the ground floor of the venue and is free and open to the public on Saturday 23rd July and Sunday 24th of July from 11:00 to 19:00.


VIRTUAL AWAKENING by Jose Montemayor


SIGNS OF THE TIMES by Tinsel Edwards

MASQUERADES by Mr. Penfold

ILL REPUTE by Colin McMaster

LIGHT POETRY by Robert Montgomery

MODULAR by Will Vibes


Full program, details of the artists, speakers and tickets available via the website

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