ORGAN THING: Lovely Little Girls? Art Conference? Shall we have our own?

Lovely Little Girls, Chicago’s finest, have a new album out, led by (somewhat disturbing) painter Gregory Jacobsen, they’re a band who’ve been championed via our pages and airwaves lots.  There’s a new album out on Skingraft Records, Lovely Little Girls are mostly to be found operating in the USA, they’re busy touring right now   is it really bringing us together?


Really not sure what to make of this Art Conference thing? It seems to be mostly an art industry thing and from what I can see of the “art industry”, especially here in London, rather like the so-called “art media” never actually go out and check what’s actually going on outside of their safe little art bubble. Never seem to see or hear any of them in the fractured warehouses, car parks and back streets of the city… Still, it hasn’t happened yet? Who knows, there’s an interview with organiser Tina Ziegler over on the London Calling blog, hey we’re just leaving you the information here….

London Calling: What made you want to set up The Art Conference?

Tina Ziegler: I felt there was a need to bring people together to have a discussion about what was going on in the art market. I wanted to bring people together who are doing remarkable work in the art market – artists, curators, art administrators, gallery directors. It’s a real mix of people and that’s where the value is, having all these diverse perspectives.


PLAY: Art Conference? Shall we have our own?

Art Conefrence? Shall we have our own?

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