ORGAN THING: Oust, a visual appreciation, Fantastic Negrito and the Last Days of Oakland…

Oust, a visual appreciation of the walls of East London….


Meanwhile over in Oakland, California

“Fantastic Negrito – real name Xavier Dphrepaulezz – in his teens ran with Oakland street gangs, before cleaning up and signing with Prince’s management as Xavier. After a slow recovery from a car crash that left him in a three weeks long coma with a fractured skull, Xavier undertook several different musical alter egos – including a stint in punk band Blood Sugar X. In the end, Xavier completely walked away from music for five years, only to reemerge fully regenerated as Fantastic Negrito.


A performer with a proud social consciousness, Fantastic Negrito runs an arts-collective in his hometown of Oakland, and has played at US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign rallies in New Hampshire and Las Vegas. Fantastic Negrito sang with Blackalicious on their latest album, and last year won NPR’s Tiny Desk video contest ahead of 7000 others with this entry”:


About The Last Days of Oakland:

“It means something to be from Oakland. The tiny city that birthed the Hells Angels, the first sports team in black, and America’s oldest street dance has always been ground zero for counter culture. It is a place where violent crime, art, and swagger converge. It has always been diverse. It has always understood that danger and edge are critical ingredients for art and culture.

But Oakland is changing. As its neighbors, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, spill over with money, the economy in Oakland is soaring. Young entrepreneurs and aspiring artists are attracted by the city’s perceived “renaissance.” Oakland is becoming whiter and safer. Now Oakland is ground zero for the national discussion on gentrification.

Fantastic Negrito is an artist who bridges Oakland’s future with its legendary past. He is a wounded veteran of the city once claimed by Black Panthers and hustlers. He is a vital voice in what the New York Times called “the hottest city in America.” His album, The Last Days of Oakland, is about the fallout and rebirth that comes in the wake of a seismic shift. It is intensely relevant — the way his city has always been.

An indie Al Green with the emotional depth of a Delta original, Fantastic Negrito is the genuine African-American heir to the great lineage of blues, soul and funk vocalists, with the rock attack of a Robert Plant or a Jack White, and the poetic politics of a Gil Scott Heron. The Last Days Of Oakland alludes to the frantic gentrification of Fantastic Negrito’s hometown, while the twist he gives to timeless folk-blues classic “In The Pines” electrifies the song with an immediacy and relevance torn from today’s racial strife-ridden headlines”.

.UK and Irish Dates:

15th Sept Bush Hall, London

17th Sept King Tuts, Glasgow

18th Sept Whelans, Dublin

For the full List of European dates go here





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