ORGAN THING: Trepidacious slices of Luxury Death and GRRRL, 25 years of riot grrrl and…

Trepidacious sounds like a fine word to use today, there really was no need to be trepidacious.  So where were we? Melting in an East London bunker, paint suffering in the heat, Montana Gold threatening to explode, leaves gasping for water, musical e.mail piling up while we carry on basking in the afterglow of the Neo Naturists and the beauty of that new Sea Nymphs album, the Black Blooded Clam, all Liberated and Handsome  Been meaning to mention Vega Darling‘s film GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl!

GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl!

GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl!

Varavara have a new single out, “Ahead of the release of their third album ‘Death Defying Tricks’, Varavara have released a new video for their latest single Warning Sign”, you just passed the link to the video back there..

Do rather like Manchester duo Luxury Death‘s new single, on PNKSLM again, do rather like that label, kind of reminds me of that label that put out all those great records from Disco Pistol and Mogul and Beatmolls and Charlie’s Angels and Angel Cage and such, what ever did happen to all that? Mogul was the 43rd release.

“Luxury Death is the brainchild of boyfriend, girlfriend duo Ben Thompson & Meg Williams. The project started as “something else to do in the bedroom together” and shortly blossomed into a fully conscious band churning out hauntingly bittersweet lofi songs influenced by knowing that one day you’re going to die


“Would you be so kind as to post some support for my film GRRRL: 25 years of riot grrrl?” asked Vega Darling,  “We’ve been in production for 4 years. The finish line is in sight. We’re currently raising the completion funds so I can finish up the film and release it in early 2017”.Further reading




GRRRL: 25 Years of Riot Grrrl  is a musically fueled, DIY, feminist, feature length documentary film. Out of the culture of the 1990’s Pacific Northwest independent music scene, riot grrrl established third wave feminism and brought girl power to the masses, proving that music can change the world.

Over the past 25 years, riot grrrl has cultivated a vibrant culture that has created music, film, zines, and a political stir. Vega Darling’s GRRRL: 25 Years of Riot Grrrl is a story about riot grrrl told by riot grrrls. GRRRL documents riot grrrl and it’s impact on culture. The Indiegogo campaign for the film features rewards including a multimedia zine, video, and music compilation with tracks from Frightwig, Hand Off Gretel, Husbands N Knives, The Potential Lunatics, Louise Distras, Trap Girl, Big Joanie, Not Right?!, Clitorus Rex, Drown the Noise, Nicky Click, and more! Rare merchandise including unreleased early riot grrrl spoken word records, signed records, rare riot grrrl records, record label grab bags, zines, stickers, buttons, t-shirts, rare posters, vintage collectibles, and sex positive treats including a peak into the director’s collection of vintage toys.

So far, the project GRRRL includes an in-production feature-length documentary film GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl, and two films – Lost Grrrls: Riot Grrrl In Los Angeles (2016), and An Excerpt From the Forthcoming Feature Documentary, GRRRL (2013). GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl  began pre-production research in 2007 and has been in-production since 2012.  We expect to release the feature length documentary in early 2017.

the Campaign


Yeastie Girls was our most recent contribution of course, we being Cultivate and Cultivate being an Organ thing and Yeastie Girls being an art show brought to you by our very own Emma Harvey back in 2013…


yestiegirls_flyer2So, one month on from the opening of the YEASTIE GIRLS show and time to reflect on my first curated exhibition at CULTIVATE Vyner Street.  The aim of the show was to re-visit the ethos of Riot Grrrl; questioning whether the underground feminist punk rock movement still had relevance 20 years on after it all began, and, if so, what form would such Riot Grrrl inspired creativity take in 2013?… READ ON




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