ORGAN THING: Jimmy Cauty’s ADP art tour and the colourful social interaction with that once grey shipping container…

ADP Riot Tour 2016

ADP Riot Tour 2016

As Jimmy Cauty’s ADP tour heads towards the final dates of the year in Colchester and then finally Bedford, one of the most interesting exciting aspects revolving around the massive tour, an art tour that started back in April and has been all over the country during the eight non-stop months that the exhibition in a shipping container has been touring, has been the Instagram feed and the social media interaction. The images of people viewing Cauty’s ADP model village in a 40ft shipping container through the viewing holes cut on the side walls, as well as the way the container itself has evolved in terms of the outside walls of the piece. The container was a rather plain looking grey thing back in April when the tour started back at the Bruton Art Factory and then Bristol (and then Exeter and then Cardiff…). We’ve encountered the container quite a few times during the year as our paths of crossed at art events, they once gray container has been evolving in rather colourfully dynamic way as people interact and leave their mark, everytime we’ve seen it – Brixton, Brick Lane, Hastings – there’s been a buzz of people surrounding it.

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) is a trilogy of artworks by Jimmy Cauty on a nationwide tour across the UK. Each artwork is a 1:87 scale model housed in a shipping container. The models are viewed through observation ports in the sides of the containers. The leading piece is s a 40ft container that houses a vast post-apocalyptic landscape populated only by the police and media crews. The landscape is set somewhere in Bedfordshire and is known as ‘Old Bedford’. For more information about the actual piece inside the actual container read this press release, today the images from outside the container are exciting us



The ADP Riot Tour Official feed for Jimmy Cauty’s model village in a container is via that link you just passed at the start of this sentence and the social medio hashtags throw up a whole load more. The artwork has been touring “thirty-five plus sites of historic riots in the UK” The tour that started in 23rd April, end on 25th Dec 2016 in Bedford, the interaction has been brilliant, the art on the container, the posting of photos and the way the whol thing is evovling. Further reading and imaget here via and here and here and here

ADP WILL NEXT BE SEEN IN: COLCHESTER – 5th December – 12th December: University of Essex, Colchester  and then BEDFORD 12th December – 25th December 00:23: Garden of Eden, Panacea Museum, Bedford.

the grey start of things....

the grey start of things….

Click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show and get a flavour of the Instagram feed

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