ORGAN THING: The return of Jimmy Cauty’s container and the Aftermath Dislocation Principle..

Another quick parish notice. As we said here back at the end of last year while rounding things up, “JIMMY CAUTY’S ADP RIOT TOUR has certainly been an artistic highlight of 2016, both inside and outside of that container that’s been crisscrossing this broken land of ours during a rather challenging political riot-inducing year. The interaction on the tour, the social media reaction and the sharing of imagery has almost been as important as the piece inside the container, indeed surely it is very much part of the piece… brilliant interaction”.


ADP Riot Tour 2016


“Jimmy Cauty, of British Electronica music fame with KLF, is instigating a riot in the Ore Valley. To be more precise, three container-loads of mini riots will be shown in our Valley before going on to do a European and Russian tour. We will have a public opening day for the containers on April 8th with music and a BBQ so please come along and help with our container riot in the Valley! This is a free event and we want to see as many people there as possible. The more people that come to this event, the more events we will be able to put on in the future. This is a stewarded event, but please keep children and pets under your supervision as there are hazards on the site”.

It all happens on April 8th…




ORGAN THING: Jimmy Cauty’s ADP art tour and the colourful social interaction with that once grey shipping container… – As Jimmy Cauty’s ADP tour heads towards the final dates of the year in Colchester and then finally Bedford, one of the most interesting exciting aspects revolving around the massive tour, an art tour that started back in April and has been all over the country during the eight non-stop months that the exhibition in…

ORGAN THING: Prepare for the end time? Jimmy Cauty’s ADP tour reaches the Garden of Eden… – The final stop, the end time, Bedford, Jimmy Cauty’s riot tour containers arrived at their final destination yesterday, the touring exhibition that has surely been one of the art events of 2016.  ADP hits end time in Bedford, it can be viewed until 23 minutes in to Christmas day… Lots more here via a previous…

Some previous imagery from the ADP RIOT TOUR…. Click on an image to enlarge…

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