ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: A Whole World Window, a glorious one, Polymorphic Love for Cardiacs…

Back in the summer, some people gathered for a day of going off and things, a celebration in honour the leader of the starry skies and a fundraising benefit concert for Tim Smith, he of Cardiacs stuck down with illness but fighting back…   This is indeed a rather beautiful Whole World Window I think you’ll agree, a glorious Organ Thing of The Day for today….

Preson, Summer 2016... for Tim

Preston, Summer 2016…

“Remember that concert in Preston in the Summer…A lovely music video was made. And now, ladies and gentlemen, set to the foot tapping melody of Big Ship, The Whole World Window concert film, soundtrack’d by the wonderful Polymorphic Love Orchestra This Video, directed by Flora Martyr, really does capture the essence of the whole event. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Happy Christmas everyone”

And here, while we’re here, more windows…

And a glorious summer day back in 1986 when the Pond gathered and swelled at the edges and more and more joined under the flags in a field and mud was abound, and things went off and thing, oh what a glorious day it was… .



Organ pages

Organ pages




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