ORGAN THING: A first taste of Jantar’s new album and those glorious Canterbury flavours…


And so here’s a rather delicious one track taste of a forthcoming album, an album, the first great album of next year? An album that keeps up this delightful tone all the way through, that delicate Caravan flavouring, those glorious hints of all things Canterbury, that refined psychedelic edge, a sound that, rather like the excellent Cloud Becomes Hand, isn’t the least bit retro sounding. Paniaspema is a powerful album, a delightful album, a properly progressive thing of beauty. Paniaspema is an album laden with more treats like this one we have here for you. Who are they? Where are they from? All you need to know right now is that the entire album is a good as this one fine track we have for you here, the album is out in January, more details down there beneath the track, we suspect they’re from Brooklyn, information is a little thin on the ground, here, enjoy the track while we go find out more…


The rather impressive London-based MIE Music label originally introduced us to Jantar back in 2015 with the release of Presage, a 12” split with Black Dirt Oak.  Jantar (Chad Laird, Tianna Kennedy, Kirsten Nordine, Kelly Rudman) have since, according to this press release, “plowed, harrowed and sown their first proper full-length Panisperna, an album that MIE will release on January 20th of 2017. The album was recorded by Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band, Steve Gunn) at Black Dirt Studios and features contributions from Pigeons members Clark Griffin (synth) and Wednesday Knudsen (sax). Together they have cultivated a transportative record that will surely help ease all the pent-up stress you may have acquired in 2016″.

MIE proudly unveils after long gestation Panisperna, the first practically available long player by Jantar, an outer-borough ensemble historically known for their creeping strain of easy listening most often heard in empty lots and abandoned diners. Chad Laird and Tianna Kennedy have grown an experimental cover crop since 2009, gently cultivating a soil rich in ambient leaf rot and organic artworld chemical compounds.  With the addition of Kirsten Nordine, Jantar began to run it through with speculative roots and melodic worms, digesting the tails of lost Euro soundtracks, and ultimately finding in drummer Kelly Rudman the crystalline lattice necessary for vertical growth… And yes, now this broad field is very much in rotation.  Panisperna shoots riffs, stalks and flowers right up out of the ground. From the waves still reverberating from Canterbury Gongs and Soft Machines, Jantar propels green, driving rock forms, and leafs out into repeating rows of complex time and growth patterns. For this first foray into rock music, Jantar has enlisted the assistance of Pigeons Clark Griffin and Wednesday Knudsen, who contribute synth and sax, respectively. Long time ally and champion Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band, Steve Gunn) recorded this music at the venerable Black Dirt Studios.
The release date is 20th January 2017. A limited run of 400 LPs with d/l code – .Pre-Order here.
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