ORGAN: The Minesweeper has exploded! Arts venue destroyed after ‘massive explosion’

We’re seeing reports of a bit of a disaster down by the river in Deptford, happily everyone appears okay but the it isn’t looking too good for the good people of the South London based Minesweeper Collective or indeed their ship. The Evening Standard are reporting the following….


Deptford Creek boat fire: Arts venue destroyed after ‘massive explosion’ sparks blaze on board boat

“An explosion sparked a huge fire which destroyed a floating arts venue in Greenwich. More than 80 firefighters were called to Cavatina Point at Deptford Creek after neighbours heard a “massive bang” at just after 11pm last night as black smoke shot hundreds of feet into the air.

The Minesweeper, which has been converted into a print studio, gallery and events venue by a group of artists, was engulfed by flames which rapidly spread to two other boats. Emergency crews used 12 fire engines and an aerial platform to douse the blaze as teams clear”

STOP PRESS: Joe from Minesweeper collective just posted: “Thank you to all who have given us so much love and support in these short hours since our beloved sweeper burned down last night. EVERYONE IS TOTALLY UNHURT which is the most important thing ever. Despite our hard work and studio being physically destroyed overnight, we want to stress how much our network of wellwishers means to us sad boaters right now. We’ll send news as it comes about how we will move forward. Onwards and upwards. Much love x”

STOP PRESS (7th Jan) – Joe from Minesweeper collective just posted: “For everyone in the area thank you so much for your support and wishes to help but please DO NOT GO TO THE MOORING as it is still a fire scene and potentially unsafe. We will let you know how you can all get behind us once we have dealt with the immediate matters of the aftermath. We are so grateful and love you all.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the brave and skilled firefighters who tackled the blaze so well in difficult circumstances and stopped it from spreading further. It could have been so much worse and we are so grateful for their hard work and prowess. Also, we wish to thank all local residents who alerted them by dialling 999 and apologise profusely for the scary disturbance this has caused. More information about how we will continue and recover to come. Thank You from the bottom of our broken hearts. Minesweeper Collective”

And a third STOP PRESS via Joe: “Well, onwards and upwards springs to mind.. just to clarify on this article it was not gas cylinders exploding or whatever which started this and i dont want a rumourmill to start between those who know me. Simply after a basically inconclusive investigation it seems a wood burner accident/malfunction is to blame but not much evidence left to really know. One of those things i guess. Sadly was in the centre of the boat on the lower floor and spread uncontrollably upwards very fast. The loud explosions were our generator and cans and one propane bottle for the kitchen going up on other side after it spread which finished her off. We are as gutted as she is.

The main loss to me is losing the space not the stuff. Space to work, space to create, space to develop which we created for ourselves with huge solid plans in place for the future as a solid base for our legitimate Co-operative business and amazing community resourse. Nothing will be quite like it and now we have to get our heads around losing it, but everyone is safe so im beyond thankful for that. We lost all our work and equipment tho which is horrible. So so sad and our beautiful studio too which took 5 years to develop and really was our wings.

I will let all those who have been so great contacting me wanting to help know how they can very soon, and im so thankful. Im ok and Il be back in london from spain in a few days but have lots of things to sort out cos ive lost my room too and lots of stuff. Bit like in Fight Club, except his room was full of ikea crap wheras mine wasnt. Tyler Durden ain’t got shit on me 😉 Big love to all my lovely friends and family x”



5 thoughts on “ORGAN: The Minesweeper has exploded! Arts venue destroyed after ‘massive explosion’

      • Sad. They didn’t lose their homes did they, like were they living there? I ask cuz we lost some friends in the Ghost Ship last month 😦 And the situation has caused some serious repurcussions for art spaces here in the States, I hope that won’t be the case there.

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