ORGAN THING: Minesweeper Collective’s Initial Fire Fund Set Up…

The good news in terms of the awful Deptford Minesweeper fire of a couple of days ago is that no one was hurt, the bad news is people lost their homes, their equipment, the art space and more. The fire was reported here along with some of the initial response in the aftermath from the collective, there is now a fund set up to help those who called the South London ship their home…


Minesweeper Collective’s Initial Fire Fund

“This is an initial fund to support the Minesweeper crew in their hours of need. Their mooring went up in a huge fire caused by a wood burner accident/malfunction on the night of the 5th January 2017. No one was hurt but many have lost their homes and possessions and need our help!

This has been a hub and arts space primarily run by Camden McDonald and the Minesweeper Collective but used and enjoyed by many of us for years. It has also been Camden’s home for well over a decade and many of his belongings as well as the collectives studio, technical equipment and artwork were of course lost in the fire. I also imagine that he and others are in great shock just now. So I decided to set up a fund raiser so that they might feel the love of friends in a very real way that will help Camden, Joe, Kevin, Ale, Gee, Andrew and others begin to put lives back together.

All funds raised here will go directly to Camden for him to decide how best to use them. After this they will be setting up their own fundraising activities and plan of action once their stability has been restored. Please refer to their facebook page ‘Minesweeper Collective‘ for updates and to offer support.I know we all hope Camden and the collective recover quickly and we wish them all the best!” (Romany Blythe)


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