ORGAN: Your five Monday musical slices, have some Sarn, Yassassin, Nought, Misty Coast and Richardo Autobahn, we care a lot…

Your recommended dose of five, we care a lot, let’s see what’s lurking in the bursting at the seams in-box today.along with the offer of a chance to partake in a “kid’s graffiti workshops during half-term break for 8 years and above”. What the hell is that all about? A so called “street art” gallery, a London gallery, one of the more commercial ones, coffee table art-dealing types, all Banksy balloons and what they gonna do ?>Teach the kids how to break into train yards and bomb the carriages? Never mind all that, on with the searching and more of that guppie-like seeking of oxygen from the top of a polluted musical tank. Welcome to the Overlook hotel (winter season), all work and no play, waiting for the music to hit, the license to get off the tread mill, to stand and stare, blood sweat, and poetic license. Have you got a license? Mordent and ironical, peas on shovels, rats on hot bricks watching cats, and roll up roll up for your weekly feeding of five ftom Organ. Didn’t we say all this before?  More flow and gush and crash and crunch and worship enough to make you smile at your table….


Yassassin (photo: Poppy Marriott)

1: YASSASSIN – The “ultimate girl gang” so said Saint Agnes, that will do for us, one of your five for today then, a positively good pop gang, we like positively good pop (as those of you who remember the daze of Charlie’s Angels, Disco Pistol, Cuban Boys, Mogul and Beatmolls, we don’t spend every single day listening to The Lamb, just every other day, how much did Lady Gaga “borrow” from Gabriel at the Superbowl last night!)  Anyway, yassassin, Anna, Joanna, Moa, Raissa & Ruth, they’re from London, they’re at the old Blue Last over in Shoreditch on Feb 14th (so said Saint Agnes), they appear to have released two singles so far


Here’s what Saint Agnes said; “We’re supporting ultimate girl gang Yassassin for an Anti-Valentine’s show with wild things Dirty White Fever at The Old Blue Last 💔 Dream Wife Dj set after, 🍭🍭 14th February 🍭🍭 WCDI & Get In Her Ears Present: Anti-Valentines ft Yassassin We Can Do It Promotions & Get In Her Ears  14th Feb.


2: NOUGHT  – Long (long) time favourites here at Organ of course, Nought don’t often play, they do this Thursday 9th February  though, catch them at Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch, “we invite you to experience Nøught, featuring members of Thurston Moore Band and Luke Barlow Band” said the Chaos Theory team (for it is the Chaos Theory team putting on the gig on Thursday, here’s the Facebook event page). Here’s some relatively recent live footage shot and edited by Riff.Underground


3: RICARDO AUTOBAHNWhatever happened to those Cuban Boys anyway? Here’s what a spokesperson for Mr Autobarn says is an “official promo video for an edit of a track from the album Panophobia”, or listen to the whole lot at Bandcamp for free 


The rather refreshing album apparently contains “some or more of the following: Synthesisers, drum machines, sequencers, guitars, an ethereal choir, the Deep South, surveillance, dramatic irony, disco-pop, the interference of the Illuminati, a hurricane, popcorn, some polish, some Polish, a leaky boat, the musical telephone, a woodland glade on a spring morning, a kiss on a summer evening and tubular bells”, it came out in 2016 (Organ does not obey the laws of time) .

4: MISTY COAST:  Released this week, “Heavy Head on a body is the second single from Misty Coast”, here it comes now, no need for our words, you have the music there (hey, you got a big live review of Bill Drake yesterday, there’s only so many hours in the day and those hours are for paint throwing, not writing about music, I’ve wasted far too many years writing about bands…)


“Hailing from the foggy Southwestern city of Bergen, Norway – where mountains and ocean collide – Misty Coast unfurl their So-Cal tinged, minimalist psych-pop into the ether. Comprised of The Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal & Richard Myklebust, the duo’s new single ‘Heavy Head On A Body’ soundtracks the mind’s journey from consciousness into sleep, drenching the senses in a lush, hazy cloak as it floats upwards towards an ethereal spiritual plane. Guided by elegant, soaring vocals and exquisite harmonies, the track drifts effortlessly in slow motion through dreamlike synth waves. Lifted from their exceptional debut album (due for release in September ‘17) ‘Heavy Head On A Body’ serves as a statement of intent: the simple encounters the bizarre and the grim becomes the beautiful. One to watch for 2017″ sosaid the press release hype sheet thing..



5: SARN – We’ll hand over to Brian from Deathbomb for number five (these things are in no particular order) – “Hello Deathbomb Friends! Thrilled to share with everyone the first Deathbomb release of 2017, which also is the 5th release in our Deathbomb Mixtape Series. This release comes to us from a young musician out of the Bay Area calling himself SARN. His brand of experimental pop is kissed by both a love for noise and hip hop. The results remain distinctly melodic and sweet, even when tackling tough issues. From now until March 5th, 25% of the proceeds from this mixtape will be donated to Planned Parenthood and another 25% to the ACLU as well!!! The mixtape is currently available on Bandcamp and on Fri Feb 10 it will get released via  all other major digital outlets. This is the 5th entry in the Deathbomb Mixtape Series, preceded by releases from Ed Balloon, Lana Del Rabies, SCUMBOYS, and the ‘EVIL II’ compilation. Enjoy everyone! Love, Brian”


And there you have it, this Monday’s five… We care a lot….More next Monday, maybe….


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