ORGAN THING: Monday’s Five Slices of Music with Goddam Nobody, Dream Wife, Yazz Ahmed, Buzz Rodeo, Myles Manley…

five vive five, fragile morning, that was a busy week, an eventful week, fragile performance art, ambulance calling, snow storms and a packed art gallery, leaves, pennies, circles, bike frames, there really was no time for Music of Organgrinding last week, have we got five? We’ve always got five if you have the time? Do you have the time? is there a point?  Was there ever a point? Cut to the chase, five slice of music


Fragile – Cultivate at BSMT Space, Feb 2017

1: GODDAM NOBODY – Rather like this, Brian Jonestown with the massacre and the bullshit, out on Superfan 99 . Bit of a Teenage Fanclub / Big Star thing going on, rather like it so here it is, simple as that really…


“Since making the move to London from his home of Cornwall a couple of years back Matthew Oliver aka Goddam Nobody has done some serious growing. Whether that was forced by the sink or swim nature of living in the UK’s capital or not we don’t know but it has sure drawn out of him his best set of songs yet and once again Super Fan will be releasing the results this February.

While 2015’s Stranger Daze EP was a bold step from his comfortable lo-fi bedroom world to hi-fi the Dead Beat EP marks another huge step on for Oliver. The shy but charming vocals of early recordings now replaced with a confident delivery that demands your attention. Layers of echo chamber BV’s tower over a tight vibrato jangle adding an eerie cloud of disappoint to Oliver’s determined vocal. It’s six songs itch with the anxiety and isolation of trying to get by in the city while lead track ‘Dead Beat’ almost leans in to 90s baggy territory with it’s stoner dance groove.

It’s an EP which borrow from the past while keeping one foot firmly in 2017. Unlike many psych revivalists it doesn’t hide in oceans of old analogue tape but embraces a clean hi-fidelty sound of today. Recorded by Benjamin Woods (Holiday Ghosts) and featuring members The Red Chords, Pastel Colours and The Golden Dregs, it may of been conceived in London but very much belongs to the excellent Falmouth scene.

The Dead Beat EP will be available in boxed cassette complete with download or as a bundle which includes a limited t-shirt of which only 25 are available worldwide”


Fragile – Cultivate at BSMT Space, Feb 2017 – Modes Of Being


2: DREAM WIFE – “SO EXCITED BIGGEST HEADLINE LONDON SHOW 2 DATE ” so shouted Dream Wife as they announced their biggest London gig to date at the Dome over in Nigel Tufnell Park in April


And here you go, places to go and find out more about Dream Wife – / facebook / twitter / instagram. They say they are “London based with one Reykjavik drifter”, they’re DJing at that Saint Agnes/Yassassin Anti-Valentines gig at the Old Blue Last this week, we told you about that one last week, happening on the 14th Feb of course



3: YAZZ AHMED has shared a substantial taste of things she has to come later this year ‘The Space Between The Fish & The Moon’  (La Saboteuse, Chapter One). The new album ‘La Saboteuse’ is due out on12th May 2017 via Naim Records,  “Arabian rhythms from her Bahraini background fuse with her lucid vision of contemporary jazz” said someone or other, and here comes that substantial taste right now.


“Yazz Ahmed has been making serious waves in the Jazz world after storming onto the scene with a commanding performance at Ronnie Scott’s with her quintet in 2010. With her next release ‘La Saboteuse’ Yazz looks set to join an pioneering group of artists such as The Comet is Coming (Leaf Label), Kamasi Washington (BRAINFEEDER), Yussef Kamaal (Brownswood) and Naim Records’ Sons Of Kemet who are flipping the jazz world on its head and breaking through to the forefront of the UK music scene with a vibrant and exciting approach to their art.

Yazz has performed with creative goliaths including Lee “Scratch” Perry and Max Romeo as well as touring worldwide with These New Puritans and laying down the Flugelhorn on Radiohead’s ground-breaking ‘King of Limbs’. Her second full length release ‘La Saboteuse’ explores the creative process and the demons that can exist within. Yazz’s transformation of this into a unique blend of psychedelic Arabic jazz is intoxicating, compelling and sonically outstanding.

Naim Records have teamed up with emerging Bristol illustrator Sophie Bass Illustration to craft a stunning visual aesthetic for ‘La Saboteuse’. Sophie’s work explores human nature and our sensual relationship with the world we occupy. Through an exploration of her Trinidad heritage Sophie developed an appetite for native art and the mythology and symbolism encompassed within, these themes are beautifully displayed in Sophie’s unique, culturally rich and symbolic style.

With ‘La Saboteuse’ Naim Records will break away from the traditional model of release with the album being dropped as four chapters across streaming services in early 2017. Each chapter will have an individual cover crafted by Sophie which when combined will form the gatefold cover housing the heavyweight double LP. The vinyl and CD will be released concurrently with Chapter Four and the digital release of the full album, all landing in May 2017″.


Fragile – Cultivate at BSMT Space, Feb 2017 – Marnie Scarlet

4: MYLES MANLEY has a new single out on February 17th via Dublin’s Little L Records, realx, ennjoy, or something like that. Actually the single is called “Relax: Enjoy Your Night Out On The Town” The delightly strange (in a good way) Irish singer songwriter starts a nationwide tour at the Amersham Arms, New Cross, London om February 17th, the rest of the dates around the UK and Ireland are hopefully on his website


The single is out as a limited edition of 250 on 7″ blue vinyl, you can order it via his bandcamp page

Here’s the lazy cut n’ paste of the press release so you have some background and I can get on with dealing with the man knocking on the door and the throwing of paint and the rest of it, I haven’t got time on a Monday to be writing abour indie pop stars from Ireland and anyway, you never read any of this, you just click on the music and let your ears do the work, who needs words, words are so last century, you loved our words then whe nthere was no internet, but now there is and you never read any of this, here’s the press release and some background, I see they name dropped The Clash in there, what a dreadfully overrated band they were, almost as bad as Queen, not as bad as ELO though, now Overlord X is what you need, here, read about Myles, I got to go  –

“Myles Manley makes idiosyncratic folk music on guitar with rhythms and colours snatched from various places, most recently Eric B and Rakim, Micachu and The Shapes, Moondog, The Clash’s Sandinista, Jinx Lennon, Frankie Cosmos, etc. “I started listening to a lot of early hiphop for some reason and what I loved about it was the clunkiness of the sounds, and the excitement you can hear at a whole new world of opportunities. I bought an MPC and started making idiot beats late at night that I’d write songs to. I’ve always had an ear for weird rhythms and I was able to make stuff that you’d never come up with rehearsing in a room with a drummer.”

A batch of songs written in this way was then taken to human drummers Solamh Kelly and Oisin Trench and recorded by longtime collaborator Chris Barry, who added his own guitar parts, yielding the single you have in your very ears. “It is amazing to play with such musicians because they take a framework and make it come alive, add their voice to it. It starts to express a time and a place. And it starts to express my unbelievable talent.”

Hurrying through Broadstone, Dublin for another midnight session of bopping and guitar strumming at the Mr. Barry’s studio Ail Fionn, the aloof, succulent Manley has this to whistle: “these are troubling times for a reluctant narcissist. You always thought you could saunter through life, gently seeking attention, a joker in the pack, avoiding beatings, harming no-one beyond mild nuisance making. There’re times you wonder, are you lord of the dance or lord of the bluebottles?”

Myles Manley was born in northern England and lived in a few places there until his family moved to Sligo, Ireland, where he became the village indie boy. “I’m in love with songs. What I am seeking in my music is naivety and deliciousness; what I find is also an escape from anxiety. And if you want to really hear it, imagine early days, running round a dead, shithole town at 4am in August, with a person you haven’t kissed, want to kiss and will never kiss. No power. Night night.”


5: BUZZ RODEO – Like being in the back room of the Camden Falcon in 1992 waiting for Scoissormen or Headcleaner or Rosa Mota or someone when the support band catches yuor ear. But this isn;t 1992 and the Falcon is a block of flats now and Buzz ROdeao are a two piece from Germany and here’s their Bandcamp version of their album and their edgy noise and their packing like a mule but not a miraculous one. The album came out ages ago, last year, some year, they’ll be at the Powerhaus or the Robey next week if you have a time machine, don’t ask me, I like Jesus Lizard, I can deal with the guilt and the getaway….


Right, I’m out of here, things to catch up with, more of this next Monday, maybe….


Fragile – Cultivate at BSMT Space, Feb 2017 – Apple Tart



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