ORGAN THING: A new Oxbow video, a new Marnie Scarlet Film…


Where were we? Slipping again? letting this Organ thing slide once more? We’re busy Cultivating, several events in construction right now, things going on out of sight, things boiling up nicely under the calm serine surface, a new art show here, Something Black over there, seaside treats and end of season tension.  Here’s a film made by Levi Ringo, a taste of the rather colourful world of regular Cultivate collaborator Marnie Scarlet


And here’s a relatively new Oxbow video (have we posted this here already? There can never be too much Oxbow around here).


“COLD & WELL-LIT PLACE” is the first video from OXBOW‘s new album THIN BLACK DUKE, out May 5, 2017, on HYDRA HEAD INDUSTRIES.  A film directed by Chris Purdie from RIFF.Underground, a maker of fine “short films about music”. Oxbow hit the UK later this month, you can never see Oxbow too many times…


And here’s some previous Oxbow coverage, there has been quite a bit over the years here at Organ  And here’s more, you can never have too much Oxbow on your Organ pages


Here’s another still from the Marnie Scarlet video…



More later, maybe….



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