ORGAN THING: Quiet British Accent, Hackney seaside treats and wishing you were or maybe weren’t here…



Quiet British Accent’s summer seaside adventure opened last night on a beach at the top end of Hackney on the edges of East London.  Okay, so there wasn’t any sea and the “beach” was more the backyard that doubles as the open air Elements Gallery out back of the rather coldly formal Angus-Hughes art space on the Lower Clapton Road, just beyond the Narrow Way,  London E5. The dynamic art duo known as Quiet British Accent have taken over the space for an impressive summer of sugary stripy rock, signature colour blue and red deck chairs, beach huts, ice cream, painted pennies and lots of excellent eastend tales of visits to the seaside…



Here’s the details via the gallery statement….

“For the Summer Residency 2017 offbeat artistic duo Quiet British Accent, comprised of Sharon and Jason Gale will be in residence at Elements Gallery London.   Curator Rebecca Feiner, a longtime admirer of QBA’s trademark wit, beautiful handmade sign writing aesthetic and sensibility, invited the artist duo to conjure up a ‘seaside town take over’ of the urban court yard of Elements Gallery London; and they responded with the ironically christened installation “Wish you Weren’t Here?”.

#QBA signature pale blue, clearly delineates the duo’s approach to the traditional ‘red, white & blue’ nationalistic implications and usages of the Union flag, giving artistic licence that enables them to navigate serious societal themes from the implications of post Brexit insularity, to the duality of austerity and simultaneous gentrification, while tapping into a current widespread zeitgeist for nostalgia in uncertain times.  Over the course of the residency the social economic flux and transitional nature of many of our seaside towns will be explored and physically reflected in the artists “Wish You Weren’t Here?” installation.



#QBA fictional seaside town will becomes a visual barometer that poses many questions being asked up and down the country, such as, will it survive? Will it close down? Will there be a mass exodus? Will #WYWH? get a last minute reprieve, or a re birth?   Whatever the journey and surprises the artists have in store for us, this artistic duo will bring a celebratory breath of fresh air and lightness of touch with a keen sense of gentle fun to such weighty issues.  Drawing inspiration from their own biographical sources, they will evoke all the solidarity of the once famed traditional workers Eastend Beano to seaside resorts.

For the last six months #QBA have been quietly engaging in multigenerational research, from visiting local Hospice St Josephs to the camp glam of the Posh Club, inclusively mining memories to integrate into “WISH you Weren’t HERE?”.



With Quiet British Accent taking up Elements Gallery London Summer Residency challenge, the summer in our urban courtyard promises a much needed, playful nod, nudge, and a wink, to the many contemporary issues of our times. But bringing people together in a playful manner through art rather than dividing them,. #QBA’s sense of fun sets out to create an art space where everyone can feel welcome.

We look forward to you joining us – over the summer. Look out for our supporting events from the multigenerational brolly/parasol summer school to special invited authors reading memoirs of their East end childhoods and yes there may even be tea, cake, sand, sandals, music and knotted hankies.  Follow the blog of Quiet British Accent #QBA progress of an art exhibition in the making here”

The show goes on until September 8th, open Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm. More details via the Facebook event page

Click on an image to enlarge an image or run the fractured slide show….



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