ORGAN THING: Five slices of music, Palberta, Dinosaur, Pallas, White Reaper, more Arrows of Love, your daily five…

Another five? Really? No time! More Arrows arriving alive, cut and run, imagination? There really is no time for this Organ thing now, all these bands and highway stars and and and how good is that Palberta album, how good is the Shimmer album!  No time for all this, Hackney Wicked is upon us, see you on Fish Island, or Here East tonight. We still on an up from that Dream nails gig….  Here’s the music, there’s the links….



Arrows of Love (and a blatantly stolen photo)

1: ARROWS OF LOVE: There’s a lot of time Arrows of Love around these parts, I like that you can never quite put a finer on them and pin them down, I like the fact that they have something to say, a little bit of substance, the need to challenge themselves as well as their listeners. You never quite know what they’re going to offer up next, you kind of know it will be good though…


“In August, East London art-rockers Arrows Of Love will release their eagerly anticipated second album, ‘PRODUCT’, an eleven track masterpiece and an epic amalgamation of blisteringly heavy guitars and earnest, heartfelt lyrics.

Here, the collective weave a world which is in equal parts powerful and vulnerable, where poetry meets pure punk attitude. The LP was produced by Mikko Gordon (Thom Yorke, Gaz Combes), in the studio he built himself at Goldsmiths University, and mastered by Bob Weston of Shellac. Lead track ‘Signal’ was also given a mix by celebrated engineer Margo Broom (Fat White Family).

Speaking about ‘Parts That Make The (W)hole’, the band’s Nima Teranchi says: “The lyrics were the product of the day, mood, thoughts. It’s quite unusual for me to vocalise something so personal. Maybe that’s awkward. Most people have some kind of difficult things from their upbringing. That’s why the title is what it is. Those jigsaw pieces shape what you become, but also create some of the holes in you.”

More slices of Arrows via Organ here and here and here




2: PALBERTA – Does it matter who they are? They like chips, they like dips, here’s what they sound like, sometimes less is more, they’re from, they have a twenty track album, they claim their dips have won awards, the trio evoke the best of 80’s post-punk, great experimentalists like those always wonderful Raincoats or The Slits, they’re abound with goodness, with art, with outbursts  of almost delirious energy, does it matter who they are?  They’re here today because Shimmer sent us to them, they’re from Brooklyn/Philly, they’re as wonderful as Shimmer are. more about Shimmer later. Shimmer are your new favourite band. unless Palberta are that is, there’s the album down there, pick up the phone, tell someone. Bee Gees never sounded so good!


3: WHITE REAPER – We’ve gone on about them before, that name might be a little dubious, the name is about the only thing I don’t like about White Reaper. Are they the world’s best American band? Well they’ve certainly got their cheap tricks nailed, they’ve certainly got their slick pop rock sorted, the album review is a few pages back, here’s the link, if the summer ever comes back then the album is perfect. And here’s a slice of something Purple,,,, Oh look, I just put the album on and the sun came out straight away. they jsut announced some UK dates for later this year, more of that later as well, there’s no time to find them right now, you do….

The album….



4: PALLAS – well really, we couldn’t resist, no arriving alive, this is a different beast, no yellow racing overalls here, they’re from Atlanta (not Atlantis), here they are, straight for that jugular, cut and run….


5: DINOSAUR – Now we’ve gone on about Dinosaur several times on these fractured pages, you might just be hearing about them this week, read your Organ, you know it makes sense.  “Anward, anward? What kind of a word is anward? Doesn’t anyone ever proof read around here? Dinosaur had a new album ready to go back in 2016 when we first posted this video and these words. ‘Together, As One’, the new album from the rather flowing four piece is out on September 16th * (that was last year of course) find out a hell of a lot more than the very little we’ve told you here vie Edition Records for it is they who are releasing what sounds like it might be a rather good album”

“Having worked together as a band over the past six years,  we have produced a record that is a  testament to our close friendship, the time we’ve  spent developing a cohesive sound and our passion and dedication to the art”. LAURA JURD.  Laura plays trumpet and synth in Dinosaur, here’s a taste of the now out and being rather talked about and now Mercury nominated album which means lots of people who had not heard of them last week are pretending they bough the album months ago




And before we go


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