ORGAN THING: Now besides leading what is without a doubt the finest band ever, besides leading a band that has given, and continues to give, so many of us so so many pleasures, besides all that, Tim Smith is…

Now besides leading what is without a doubt the finest band ever, besides leading a band that has given, and continues to give, so many of us so so many pleasures, besides all that, Tim Smith is just one of the nicest guys ever. Some of those gigs will be etched into my head forever, nights in the pond, all the going off and things, it was a pleasure and indeed an honour to put quite a few of those gigs on ourselves, as well as to release some of the music, but hey, I’d swap all those gigs and memories and all the adventures and the tales we could tell, I’d swap the magical buzz of hearing one of our releases of his music on the radio reaching out to new ears, the buzz of hearing a new song in the studio, all those wonderful times, I’d swap all of that just for one more afternoon sharing a lemonade like we did those times after we’d been to master a new record, just one more of those wonderful afternoons sitting there talking about music and all kinds of nonsense with one of the best people I ever got to share time and space with. It’s been ten years now, I miss those times, I love the man to bits, we all do, hang in there Tim…
Nice piece on Cardiacs leader of the starry skies Tim Smith in the I today, well not a nice piece, there’s really nothing nice about Tim Situation, rather nice to see the awful situation being covered my the mainstream media though
“The band Cardiacs inspired musicians including Blur and Radiohead. But 10 years ago, lead singer Tim Smith suffered a catastrophic brain injury – not that he wanted fans to know. Now, Rhodri Marsden is telling his story in the hope of helping him to make music again On a sultry evening last August, 400 people crammed into a former church in Salisbury to attend an event billed as “The Alphabet Business Convention”. That bland, corporate title masked its true purpose: to host a festival of ­gloriously unconventional music (in which I was lucky enough to participate) and to honour a ­musical hero. As we played, that man watched us from a wheelchair in the wings, almost completely paralysed by dystonia (a neurological disorder). Occasionally, with great effort, he would convey his appreciation of the music by laboriously pointing at letters of the alphabet stuck to a specially made cushion. More often, his gratitude could be seen in his gaze, a sparkling window into a razor-sharp mind….” Read more via the excellent piece from Rhodri in The I
There’s also a fundraising campaign, it opened today,  opened in the hope of getting Tim some much need essential life-changing treatment, Here’s the wording from the Croudfunding page, and more importantly, here’s the link to that page, do what you can with it…. (sw)

Tim Smith is one of the most influential British musicians alive today. Radiohead, Blur, Napalm Death, Faith No More, Biffy Clyro and countless others have cited Tim and his band, Cardiacs, as a profound inspiration.

He’s also in trouble.

A cardiac arrest suffered in 2008 left him with severe brain damage and a condition called dystonia. Mentally he’s as sharp as ever. His ability to move and speak, however, is minimal. Funding shortfalls and bureaucracy have seen his rehabilitation grind to a halt, along with his ability to make music.

Tim’s condition is complex and poorly understood. He has responded positively to treatment when his income has afforded it. A tribute record, fundraising gigs, reissues of his music and conventions attended by devoted fans have helped. But he is now entering his tenth year of inadequate care. ‘The only way I can try and let you know how I feel at the moment,’ Smith says, ‘is, imagine if you were wearing a skintight bodysuit made of fishnet all around you with electrical pulses going all the…time. This is what my body feels like unless I fall asleep’.

He has resisted publicity up until now, but we, his friends and family, now agree with him that the time has come to go public, with a story of a man’s unique creative world and the severe problems of neuro- rehabilitation.

A charity called the Raphael Hospital Group, run by Dr. Gerhardt Florschutz, has bought the facility Tim lives in and is able to provide him and his fellow patients with the input necessary to make progress. This, of course, comes at a price and while he waits to hear about the possibility of funding, vital time is being wasted. We want to raise £40,000 so that he can finally afford the care he has needed since the beginning of his illness. If we raise more, it will allow him secure funding for a longer period.

Tim’s friends and family just want him to be allowed to try to get better. Everyone in his condition deserves that opportunity. Being given the right treatment could allow him to complete musical projects of great beauty that still burn brightly within him. ‘People who could genuinely be described as geniuses are few and far between,’ says Steven Wilson, who recently hit number 1 in the UK album chart. ‘But I think Tim is up there, I really do.’

If he could recover enough to use a mouse he could make music again; if he can find his voice he will be able to boss us about in the studio; it feels as though he is finally being given a chance to come back to us.


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