ORGAN THING: Star Period Star are back with a prog as flip new album…

Star Period Star just released a new album, they released it on smoked-coloured  vinyl, the album is called Daylight Spending Time. The band say they have “returned to the use of “wobbletones”, radical guitar tunings where the lower strings are tuned so low that they not only create micro-tonal chords, but the notes bend or wobble as they are played”, I have no idea about all that, I just know it sounds good and I also know that Bob Drake (Thinking Plague/5uus) & Mike Hagedorn (Lovely Little Girls/Cheer-Accident) also appear on the new album.  The album review and far more importantly, the music itself is down there underneath the cover artwork….


ALBUM REVIEW: STAR PERIOD STAR – Daylight Spending Time –   Star Period Star are a very robust band, a solid band, a strident band, a band on the edge, they’re a band we hadn’t heard from or of for quite a few years until last week when, out of the blue, without any kind of warning, a new album landed,  I like Star Period Star, we championed them rather a lot back there in the days of print and paper, and here they are, back, and still sounding very much like that robust thing that Star Period Star was back there.  That positive mix of King Crimson (or should we say Discipline?), of Rush, of all kinds of bits of wholesome prog rock things, always with an edge of their own though, Star period Star always had an edge.

Always with that little something, this is robust, hard-boiled, this is “proper prog”, none of your neo wet-lettuce nonsense that people try and pass as prog rock these days, none of your porcupine flavoured politeness –  if that’s your tree of choice then this is probably too hard-boiled for you. Ah look, it feels good to have them back, it feels good to hear they haven’t compromised, if fells good to hear that unashamed sound, that beautifully self-indulgent sound. Star Period Star have never been a band afraid to wear a Frippism or two on their collective sleeves, they’ve always been a band flowing with deliciously long instrumental passages and a more is more outlook (why would anyone want less?)

Star Period Star are a band alive with melodic warmth, with quiet adventure that can get gloriously noisy, with clever tricks (of the tail) that never get too tricky for their own good, Star Period Star are just a damn good self-indulgent proper prog rock band, .There’s darkly jagged edges, edges that lunge at you, you’ve got to love the way a piece like The Pragmatist keeps on coming at you in such a violently progressive way, in such a wholesome way, it almost fences with you, jabs at you, and just when you think it might be an instrumental track the words arrive (via the mouth of guest vocalist, for just one track, Bob Drake), the words arrive and almost catch you out, the words arrive and add another layer.

Star Period Star have all the spirit of Discipline period King Crimson without ever being too obvious about it, they take in bits of Rush or UK or Yes without ever being obvious about any of it, without ever sounding dated  Bully Pulpit is more of a jazz-fusion flavoured thing, Pulley Bullpit chases it down the street, some of the album really is very self indulgent, an acquired taste you might argue, hey look, musical self indulgence can be a good thing, it most certainly is here Star Period Star are back with a new album, an album that’s a prog as flip, you don’t need words or reviews in these days of Bandcamp and youtube, here it is, it just came out on vinyl, have a listen, the details in terms of how you get hold of it are on the Bandcamp page, Star Period Star are back and sound better than ever (sw)



Star Period Star

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