ORGAN THING: Cardiacs film set for world premier as part of the prestigious Raindance Film Festival…

That rather beautiful Cardiacs film “Some Fairy Tales from the Rotten Shed” is to receive a great big cinema premier this September, all the details are on the flyer or via the link at the end, the beautiful film of the beautiful people and the most beautiful band in the world is to be part of the beautifully prestigious Raindance Film Festival.

“Hello, good people of this world!” said Cardiacs spokesperson Mary, “It gives me immense pleasure to bring this announcement to YOU! We are all as excited as we are allowed to be here at THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN. We hope, for the sake of whatever LORD himself, you can make it.Love Mary x”


here’s the all important link and the ticket details and here’s what the Raindance festival people have to say, “Cult British rock band, Cardiacs, are made against their will to rehearse a selection of their early compositions, dating back to the late seventies and early eighties. Against a backdrop of miserable English weather, within the cramped confines of a dilapidated shed, tensions flare as the band’s fraught relationships unravel”



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