ORGAN THING: Versatile Belgian trio Steiger are, well just have a listen, this first taste is excellent…

Versatile Belgian trio Steiger are, so we’re told by whoever sends out these things, pleased to share new track ‘Captain Hooker’, taken from the band’s new album ‘Give Space’, released 14th September. “The track is…” well judge for yourself, we rather like it, we like it enough ot make it our Organ Thing of The Day…


“Gent’s Steiger are a piano trio, but not in the classical sense. With their versatile style, influenced by different musical genres such as jazz, rock, pop, classical and electronic music, they try to find a balance between composition and improvisation through the use of experimentation and electronics. Considered pioneers of the Belgian jazz crossover scene, Steiger have been active for 6 years and have recently found themselves performing at major jazz venues in Flanders, picking up numerous accolades along the way.

The trio’s new album ‘Give Space’, is to be released 14th September on Sdban Ultra, it was apprantly was recorded at 7 different locations, with the music composed to fit and fight these locations within a dialogue of acoustics, atmospheres and appetition. Field recordings, reverbs, ambient sounds, all collected within the search for the unpredictable, were given space within this dialogue as the essential part of the encounter. As a result, the locations emerge somewhat as a fourth member of the trio. The music – sometimes fixed, sometimes completely free – takes on an ever-changing journey into their multi-faceted world.

“It is this aspect, space, and the influence of space on music that we, as musicians, find very inspiring and would like to go deeper on the basis of extensive research. Since a classical studio always strives for the best, most comfortable acoustics, the influence of such a space on the music can often be reduced to one kind of sound and environment in which the music develops. We want to break this classical pattern and strive for live recordings without an audience, whereby we create a sound of each location depending on the space and / or location.”

The trio self-released their first EP in 2016, with their debut album debut album ‘And Above All’ (El Negocito Records) following a year later. Steiger are set to appear at the prestigious 12 Points Festival in Dublin on the 5th September.




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