ORGAN THING: Watch the new Liars video for Murdrum here, hard to resist a slice of Liars…


ORGAN THING: Hard to resist a slice or two of those ever challenging Liars, today’s Thing of The Day then… “Liars (Angus Andrew) has unveiled the video for ‘Murdrum’, taken from the new album Titles With The Word Fountain, out now on cassette and digitally and available on vinyl on 2 November 2018”. The new video is directed by Australian filmmaker and photographer Riley Blakeway, Angus Andrew explains, “Riley has made something beautifully cinematic and horrifyingly evocative here. Shot in the Australian bush, it brings to light the frightening qualities of the natural environment within which the song was written. The use of thermal footage to emphasise Murdrum’s haunting qualities really freaks me out.”




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