ORGAN THING: Five slices of freshly-grown recently-recorded unashamedly long-as-a-long-thing prog-as-flip musical adventure you need to hear…



We had a spare couple of minutes before supper, so here’s five slices of tasty longness brought on by an argument with someone about the aforementioned supper being ready. Well seven, seven slices, not five, not six, not six saintly shrouded men moving across the lawn slowly, seven slices, the seventh walks in front with a cross held high in hand, well no, the seventh was posted underneath the sixth with no one knowing anything about any farmer who looks like a supersonic scientist.  Here then, for no reason whatsoever (other than needing an excuse to post the freshly discovered sound of Others By No One), and something about the guaranteed eternal sanctuary and wearing feelings on our faces while our faces took a rest. The order for rejoicing and dancing has come, here, have some things that take a little longer to take you to a plateau of green grass, and green trees full of life and long live the free state of flying luttenbacherness..

Five (or six or seven) piece of music for those who know a farmer who looks…

1: LE GRAND SBAM – yeah, you’re right, we’re not going to shut up any time soon about the outrageous delights of French Poil-related (PoiL as in the band of course) outfit Le Grand Sbam and their excellent album that emerged late last year. he album was one of our picks for the five albums of 2019, this twelve and a bit minute piece, Les lotus ont fleuri, je suis assis à côté d’un éléphant aux oreilles usées,  will give you a great big clue as to why we have no intention if shutting up about it for some time yet…


2:HELIUM HORSE FLY are a forward looking band not afraid to get all epic, this is a fourteen minute piece from the Belgium band’s beautifully vital 2019 album Hollowed. The Organ review is here – Right now midway through Monochromo, midway through this this massive eleven minute epic that’s somewhere between the best bits of Kayo Dot and Extra Life, actually there’s huge bits of the hugeness of Huge Baby, actually there’s lot here that compares with those gloriously huge….”


3:  OTHERS BY NO ONE: This slice of crazed beauty came our way last week via some talk of an old Cardiacs set list, a long story we won’t concern you with, it dates from 2017, the track not the set list, but hey,Others By No One are a new to us and I dare say new to one or two of you? Indeed do Others By No One still exist? They’re from (or were from) Dayton, Ohio, USA, This track is a ten  minute epic, they also have twenty-five second tracks, they remind us of Camp Blackfoot, they remind us of Sack Trick, they sound like neither, at times they’re none-more-metal, they sing of clumsy demons, at other times they’re epically melodic in a forward looking progressive way, here’s the ten minute track (although we did just find a nineteen minute version on the album you’ll find further down this fractured Organ piece, why listen to half a piece?). And yes, it looks like they’re an ongoing thing, stay tuned now….


“Our crazy debut/conceptual release “Book I: Dr. Breacher” is finally upon us! As a token of our appreciation for the outpouring of support with the music video release, we’re dropping the single edit of the epic title track as a free download 🙂 Feel free to scoop it up for free or pay what you want, and thank you all for waiting on this behemoth. Mark down June 11th to return for the entire album and get the whole story, as well as the full twenty minute version of this piece – featuring Native Construct vocalist/Metal Blade Records artist Robert Edens. Enjoy the fruits of our proggy labour and jam on our resident epic, the first half of “Dr. Breacher and the Time Travel Anomaly.”


So it mentioned to Max that we had looked up his band Others By No One, to which he replied, “Honestly I’m surprised you gave it a listen and I’m very happy to hear that, I’m finishing up vocals for our debut full-length now and that huge, huge prog rock project will be out around summertime. Funny enough I went all-in getting into Cardiacs just as writing was wrapping up for this new album, so there are a handful of those huge organ moments and small things rearing their heads in the mix that now remind me of Tim….”.

4: BRIGHTEYE BRISON  -This is  The Magician Chronicles – Part II  an almost thirty-seven minute slice of proper prog from the Swedish band’s 2019 album “V” – i think we said at the time it sounded like it was mapped out in some topographic ocean somewhere near a volcano you need to go dance on, you can find the full Organ review here, we can’t let these these things fall through the cracks, that bit twenty four minutes in just makes you want to punch the air and yell tes!


5: PoiL – Of course we can’t have a piece like this without a slice of PoiL and a track, Chin fòu, from the French band’s latest album Sus, an album released back in the middle of 2019. Championed around all the time of course – ORGAN THING: PoiL’s new album Sus, holymerde this sounds good, prog as flip…  – they’re not a band to do things by halves…


6: THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS  – Why stop at five? here’s a twelve minute piece from the predictably unpredictable thing that is the ever evolving Flying Luttenbachers  and their recently released (November 2019) album imminent Death. Everything the Luttenbachers ever do is vital, somehow they never sound the same on any of their many album yet they always sounds like no one other than the Flying Luttenbachers…


7: KOENJIHYAKKEI – on we go, the opening track from the 2018 album from Japan’s ever rewarding Koenjihyakkei…


8: CELLULAR CHAOS:  Okay, eight, we need a bit of Cardiacs goodness here before we leave, here’s the Cellular Chaos version of the Cardiacs class Dirty Boy…,


Enough, supper really is ready, time to go look at some art and drink some free beer, here’s some short sharp going off and things…





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