ORGAN THING: The overblown self indulgence of Sweden’s Brighteye Brison, Grace Slick isolated, some Tōth. Feed your head, Sunday morning comedowns…


Grace Slick early this Sunday morning….

Things discovered on a Sunday morning comedown, things like word of a gloriously self indulgent new album from a band from Sweden via the social media feed of a band from New Zealand, that and the beauty of Grace Slick and well, here’s how it went down on Sunday morning May 26th 2019 as we explored some Household Objects, the alleged lost Pink Floyd album, And news of a “new supergroup that consists entirely of assholes kicked out of other bands”. Here’s something from Tōth…


After releasing what the press release tells us are three “beautiful videos” in the past few weeks, Tōth has just released his debut full-length album “Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary”. If you’re unfamiliar, Alex Toth is co-founder of the band Rubblebucket. As Tōth, “his songwriting is stronger than ever: deep, intense and direct ruminations with incredible choruses. Every song is a single. Spend a little time with this, and I guarantee you’ll fall under its spell”. One of these three videos is up there, here’s the album via his Bandcamp

Did we post some Pamplemouse already? Here that recent track again


Hang on, stop everything, Brighteye Brison…


Brighteye Brison – V

Brighteye Brison – V – (Bad Elephant Music) – Whoosh, there’s rather a lot in here, epic prog rock. A twelve and half minute opener but that’s Sweden’s Brighteye Brison just warming up, there’s a whole load of everything thrown in here, never too busy though, never too cluttered, plenty of bits that come armed with classic Genesis keyboard flavours, bits that come laced with all kinds of wholesome prog-flavoured ingredients, and all dished out in an ambitiously healthy way.  A three track album, just three tracks but hey, well over seventy minutes of (never self-indulgent) relentlessly good music, over an hour’s worth of crisp clean-cut melodic prog rock adventure, the kind of thing some people have nightmares about, proper full-on prog adventure. Okay, so I lied, it is self-indulgent, it is overblown, it is melodically bombastic, brilliantly so, cool as flip self indulgent prog fuggin’ rock.  We’re talking totally unnecessary ten minute keyboard passages duelling with guitar lines, counterbalance points that lead to even more classic prog keyboardery and bit that sound like this or that without ever being too obvious about it – there goes a bit of White Spirit, there goes some UK, some Anekdoten, some Pallas, some Alan Parsons Project, never anything that clones though, just healthy flavours. Bring it all on, more more more, pour on the bits of Lone Star or Yes or 80’s King Crimson discipline, throw it all in, excellent! There goes another keyboard riff just for the hell of it, sit back, let all happen, make yourself at home.  The third of three tracks that make up this album is a track called The Magician Chronicles – Part II – it sounds just like the tittle would have you believe it to sound, it does sound like it was mapped out in some topographic ocean somewhere near a volcano you need to go dance on – pass the trowel, lay it on thick, we need some more, this is good.  They’ve gone all Styx or Kansas on us now, that’s no bad thing either – actually none of this is a bad thing, this is a serious piece of art, a celebration, and just when you think they’ve hit their (Widow’s) peak they go and climb another one with yet another classic full-on-prog-as-prog-can-be keyboard bit – stalagmites, Stalactites? We’re way in to something that feels like The Cage now and we’re only twenty-five minutes in to this third and final track, ages to go yet. Hang on, we’ve got all choral and…. Hey, there’s the Bandcamp there, click on it, go explore, consider this a service, prog as flip, for those who know ho good it can be when it doesn’t come with a compromise…  (sw)


The head-feeding beauty of Grace Slick…


Which lead to this, Merry Clayton’s vocal on Gimme Shelter…

There you go, have a good Sunday…


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