ORGAN: Five musical things – Pamplemousse get all abrasive garage rock on us, Tuffrajetts want to be Joan Jett, The Membranes are sounding impressive, Crows, Brocarde…



Where have we been? None of your business? Or maybe it is, the Fruit Shop, Over and Over (again and again). Music? There really hasn’t been time, it is all about fruit right now, fruit and a little veg and who needs our musical opinions these days anyway?here, in no particular order, are five musical things to check out should you wish to .


1: Pamplemousse are “a power trio. A kind of abrasive noise blues band”, they’re from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, I guess that leaves them a little cut off from things, I mean they can’t nip down the Marquee or CBGBs or the Bull and Gate or maybe the George Robey, well they can’t anyway, those venues have all gone, but you get the drift. Here’s their new video, here come the links – Facebook / Bandcamp….


Wherever they’re from or whatever they’re doing, Pamplemousse rock, nothing radical different but then it doesn’t always have to be, I’m off to look at an atlas, here come the Tuffrajettes….


2: TUFFRAJETTS are from London so it seems, that painter of t-shirts Joan Jett might wear, Emma Harvey, insists I Wanna Be Joan Jett is her new theme tune. not sure who Tuffrajetts want to assassinate, there’s probably quite a few candidates, the answers are probably in the lyrics, this is a relatively new single, there’s a great album on the Bandcamp page as well, they’re playing gigs in Europe in May…



3: THE MEMBRANES – The opening track of the June 2019 release, the Membranes double album ‘What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away’, here’s the video, let the music do the talking (as Joe Perry once said)




4: CROWS released a new video while we were busy in the Fruit Shop, here it is, do what you will with it, Crows are good, lets hope it stays that way, so far so good. Fresh off the Idles tour of course,, ‘Wednesday’s Child’ is from Crows debut album, ‘Silver Tongues’, I think we mentioned the album a few times already, here’s the video, there’s some dates underneath….

Crows dates: April 26th – Limerick, Kasbah Social Club, April 27th – Dublin, The Sound House, April 29th – Glasgow, Blue Arrow, April 30th – Leeds, Oporto, May 1st – Manchester, Yes, May 2nd – London, The Dome, May 4th – Brighton, The Prince Albert


5: BROCARDE: – And fifth of the musical things that are in no particular order, Brocarde just released her new video to accompany a piece of music called “Last Supper’ : “Brocarde was born in a rural village that can be found in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. She discovered her love for performing and storytelling as a young girl, when she would write poems and plays and perform them while dripping in beads from her Nan’s closet. Brocarde approaches music in a different way. She is genre less. She uses instrumentation to capture the emotion in her words. She straddles a multitude of worlds; her vulnerable, fragile side is captured by an orchestra of delicately plucked strings; her full throttle sass makes you stand up at take note, and her angst and frustration marry with the heavy metal undertones. Brocarde is cinematic, captivating and an artistic storyteller”.

And while we’re here and while the sun is out and the there’s a bit of a rest-bite from the peck of artists who seem to think all they need to do is hang a painting on a gallery wall and the cash will roll in, putting on group show and gathering art and artists together is a thankless thing, to do, while there’s a rest-bite, the tale of Red Molly and that Vincent done Bluegrass style, jsut how cool is the Del Mclorey  version…




Issue 25






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