ORGAN THING: A new visual treat from the brilliant Le Grand Sbam? Yes, they do indeed plonge l’auditeur dans un univers familier au devenir imprévisible…


A new visual treat from Le Grand Sbam? Another day, another Thing, do you really want these things though? These different colours? Are Foals really enough for you? Is that new Liam record really enough for a king who’s crown is looking a little tarnished now? What are you doing Eric!?

“If there were other colours and other sizes then there would be no end to it” Said the man who made Post-It notes on the radio yesterday   “Cut in the continuous flow of sound, the music of the whole is a flow, a bypass, an inflection of air and time” or so we’re told this cold grey Friday morning, Le Grand Sbam, as we’ve said and said and said again on these fractured pages and via the cracking of the airwaves, released one of the very very best albums of last year (or indeed any year for that matter), they’re a PoiL thing, we like PoiL things, Le Grand Sbam’s recently released album is thrilling, exciting, vitally rewarding, amd today, this cold grey Friday morning, the French band, n earth music ensemble, have unveiled a new video..

“Le Grand Sbam, ensemble de musique terrienne, se lance avec Furvent dans un nouveau périple en octuor, à la rencontre du vent et des éléments, inspiré par le roman d’A. Damasio : La Horde du Contrevent et par la symbolique du Yi King…” or as the on-line translation thing would have it “Le Grand Sbam, an earth music ensemble, sets off with Furvent on a new octet journey, meeting the wind and the elements, inspired by A’s novel. Damasio: The Horde of the Contrevent and by the symbolism of the Yi King”

“Nulle part entre le rock, la musique contemporaine, la musique ancienne, le jazz, l’improvisation ou encore l’électroacoustique, elle n’en chevauche pas moins notre présent insaisissable” so said someone in French, apparently it reads “Nowhere between rock, contemporary music, early music, jazz, improvisation or electroacoustics, it nevertheless overlaps with our elusive present”. And yes, they do indeed “immerse the listener in a familiar universe with an unpredictable future, caresses it a gentle zephyr and propels it straight into the eye of the cyclone” , they do indeed plonge l’auditeur dans un univers familier au devenir imprévisible.

Here then is a new visual treat from Le Grand Sbam


We’ve told you about the album already, we’ve gone on about the album, here’s the Bandcamp version of the album although you do hear so so much more in terms of the detail when you have the actual physical album


And anyway, The Lawman was always the King….

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