ORGAN THING: Le Grand Sbam, hang on, stop absolutely everything, whatever you were doing, stop it, listen to this…


Hang on, stop absolutely everything, whatever you were doing, stop it, listen to this, watch this, not only do they sound both brilliant (and like very little you’ve ever heard before).,they also look wonderful, all of them, look at the way those musicians flow, the graceful touch of the keyboard, the ballet on the drums, , Le Grand Sbam, you don’t need our words, just fire up the “Teaser du Vaisseau Monde” video right right there…


Vaisseau Monde is the name of the album, there’s been rumours and tastes and tracks being shared, in semi under the counter secretive kind of ways, until recently there was very little evidence that the French collective “passionately dedicated to music creation, research and experimentation” really existed. Vaisseau Monde or Vessel World if you prefer, is the name of the album that is, at last, due to come out out on December 6th 2019. The whole thing is as insanely good as that track featured on the video, actually that track is the pop song there to ease you in, wait until you get to the twelve minutes that is Les lotus ont fleuri, je suis assis à côté d’un éléphant aux oreilles usées – actually it gets all rather Sea Nympgs about three minutes in to Les lotus ont fleur – well Sea Nymphs in a very French operatic kind of way, until it goes all avant-experimental with some precise dadaist contradiction and…  There’s people from Poil involved, of course there is, Piniol as well, hang on, a translation is needed, the title of that twelve minute track in English reads The lotuses have bloomed, I’m sitting next to an elephant with worn ears – now that could be Google’s translator but then I suspect not, I suspect that is an accurate translation.


This is high high end composition, this is front line hard-boiled top of the league precision, that third track kind of starts off like it might have a flavour or two of Ruins before the whole thing gracefully falls up the stairs in the most ridiculously precise way – in a way that will have you cackling with incredulous delight – and they keep on doing it, again and again, right now this third track sounds like a hundred woodpeckers coming straight at you and you do just have to laugh at the beautiful insanity of it all, at the joyous delight of the whole preposterously brilliant thing that just keeps on giving. You want to rush out and stop people, grab hold of strangers, come here, listen to this, come in, listen! ,


Even though you know people from Poil are involved and you already know how brilliant Poil always are, and that Ni are brilliant, as are the bands they all come from, but you do have to ask how on earth did they get to this next level brilliance? How did this happen?  This is serious serious high-end avant-classical in terms of composition, this would be a stand-out highlight at a Proms season on a bill alongside John Adams, this should be talked of in hushed tones of a Radio Four arts programme, drooled over on Radio Three, this is seriously seriously high-end art, but you don’t need out words, you have the video up there. This is such fun, this is so so enjoyable, this is never difficult, never aloof, never untouchable, Vaisseau Monde is a lean album, all forty-six or so minutes of it, not an inch of fat, not a moment of self indulgence, not a second or a note a waste, every single sound has a purpose, a precise place, not an inch of self-indulgence or a morsel of music that isn’t needed, that isn’t vital to the piece, it is a total wtf of an album, you can’t help but laugh, what the flip? How did they do that? Just where did that chemistry come from? How? Wow! Here come the details you’ll need to get hold of one the very best albums you will have heard in a long long time. (sw)


Le Grand Sbam are
Mélissa Acchiardi (Hidden People, Very Big Toubifri Orchestra) I vibraphone, percussions
Antoine Arnera (PinioL, PoiL, Gwyn Wurst) I keyboards, composition
Boris Cassone (PinioL, PoiL) I bass
Jessica Martin Maresco (Icsis, Pili Coit)I lead vocals
Guilhem Meier (PinioL, PoiL, Lfant, Icsis) I drums, composition
Marie Nachury (Brice et sa pute, Monstre) I lead vocals


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