ORGAN THING: Le Grand Sbam are back already, last year’s album was vital, this year’s tastes like it might be equally so…

Where were we? “Le Grand Sbam is a collective of creation, research and musical experimentation that defends living music in all its richness, complexity and universality”. Le Grand Sbam released one of the most vital albums of 2019, one of the most vital albums of any year actually, we went on about it rather a lot – “Le Grand Sbam, hang on, stop absolutely everything, whatever you were doing, stop it, listen to this…” is what we said. And here they are again, back already, back with more already, with more so quickly, surely these things take years? Back with a first taste of a new album due out in December. They’ve posted one track, along with a video, you can find the details over on the Dur et Doux Bandcamp page. On first listen (and second and third) things sound as exciting as ever, as thrilling as ever, as vital as ever…


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