ORGAN THING: The gloriously awkward sound of Space Streakings…


Organ Thing of the Day: Space Streakings – Now back in the day when those first Skin Graft releases started unexectedly landing here at Organ it really was beautiful msuical oxygen, packages alive with all kinds of exciting bands we were hearing for the first time, one of those bands were Space Streakings

“Out of print for nearly two decades and available from today”, Space Streakings’ first Skin Graft Records single is now available digitally for the first time via the Skin Graft Bandcamp page. Includes a densely illustrated 18-page PDF download that reproduces the original 7″ and comic book set packaging. “Recorded in Japan in 1993 by Zeni Geva’s KK Null and remastered in 2020 – both tracks are exclusive to this release. (Note: The PDF comic reads from right to left, like all traditional Japanese manga. Thank you)”.


If you haven’t explore the wonderful world of Skin Graft yer, this is ra ther decent place to start…


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