ORGAN THING: Surge in Spring and the sound of Surge Orchestra with Juice Aleem and just how good does this sound?


Surge Orchestra with Juice Aleem (2018, Birmingham)

Organ Thing of The Day: Now this is a fine way to spend a Sunday morning, must admit to having little more than very vague knowledge of Surge and the Surge Orchestra before, never actually taken the time to go and listen. Surge Orchestra came our way today via a message to the Cultivate branch of our tree about a completely different matter, a guy called Sid Peacock, a composer/musician from Northern Ireland based in Birmingham reaching out about a gallery matter. Sid wasn’t pushing what he did but you know us, can’t resist a link. Actually he was engaging in a rather welcome way over a piece I wrote about the Arts Council and my frustration with that organisation, the link at the foor of his e.mails took us to the Surge Orchestra and the festival and then to this excellent vido of the Surge Orchestra featuring Juice Aleem and how good does this sound? Recorded live at Midlands Arts centre Birmingham at the Surge in Spring festival back in 2018. Surge in Spring 2020 should be happening in Birmingham right now, it isn’t of course, well, you know, everything is understandably on hold in terms of going out and enjoying art in a physical space…

Surge was established in 2013 with a commission for Sid Peacock by Paul Murphy to launch Birmingham’s St Patrick’s Day Celebrations.  Since then it has grown into a 22+ piece Orchestra with a focus on cross genre collaborations and creating exciting experimental new music with an emphasis on groove.  Surge is becoming an intercultural Orchestra and collaborations have included Django Bates, John Mayer’s Indo Jazz Fusion, Congolese vocalist Didier Kisala with English folk string quartet The Froe, rapper Juice Aleem and Palestinian Clarinettist Mohamed Najem….”

Read more on the Surge Orchestra website




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