ORGAN THING: There’s a Rebel Dykes History Project Launch Event coming up…


A quick parish notice for today’s Organ Thing of The Day – We do like those Rebel Dykes, they feel like they come from the same place we originally came from, the punk rock flavoured DIY activist counter culture of another time and place, another century, when it really was a battle and the main weapons were fractured photocopiers and banging out things on manual typewriters, where unity was more than just a word trotted out, big banners at free festivals, FIN cells, squat gigs, chaos clowns, badly printed hand painted zines, trading copies of Organ for copies of Feminaxe and such, secretish meetings at Torriano Avenue to discuss the tactics, all this way before the days of Riot Grrrl, here’s what the Rebels have to say today… 

“Since we were last in touch, we have created the Rebel Dykes History Project, which is a Community Interest Company. To create this company we had to run a petition, because Company House originally wouldn’t let us set up a company with the word DYKE in it’s name. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. We were successful, and we are now the first UK company with DYKE in the name!REBEL DYKES HISTORY.   On May 28th 2020 we are officially launching the Rebel Dykes History Project CiC.  We’re holding an online event where the project partners will be introducing themselves, and we will tell you our plans for the exhibition and how you can get involved with the archive including sharing any archive items you may have and volunteering on our project… more here



3 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: There’s a Rebel Dykes History Project Launch Event coming up…

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