ORGAN THING: Shellac ripping up AC/DC SkinGraft style? Phil not knowing his proper place? Pallas? A lost gem from Ahvak? Bandcamp Friday?


Apparently today is Bandcamp Friday, don’t be asking us what that is, or where te peanut butter is or indeed anything else, something to do with Bandcamp not taking a cut of the money spent on music today or soemthing like that? We’re getting dozens of bands and labels asking us to post something about them and thier new release or their back catalogue and to add (without a please in most cases) their Bandcamp link today s othey ca nmake some cash. Gawddamn, you bands and labels (and indeed you Bandcamp people who must make a fortune out of the millions of links we’ve posted over the years) Bandcamp Friday? Maybe if just one of you labels or bands wants to help support us just for once we could maybe update this rapidly dying computer we got out of a skip years ago? None of you ever do, getting a hint of a thanks and a shared link is some kind of rare event,  the donation link is there, don’t just be treating us like we some part of your damn marketing plan, maybe you can give some of the cash Bandcamp didn;t take to us so we ca nkeep all this going, we have bills as well you know! We don’t get paid for any one this, or for the radio show, not even the bus fare to the radio station, Bandcamp Friday? How about love your Organ Monday?    Anyway, not sure I’m ready to just start posting about your art or your music or your latest releases or your back catalogue just yet? I’m still thinking about the shallow tokenism of #BlackoutTuesday and saying his name, George Floyd that is. Bandcamp Friday? “Can’ you post a link to our new release?” you say, nah, here’s The Pop Group instead and underneath that is a Thin Lizzy song, the Lizzy were my first love, there was always more to them than people really thought, phil never really did know his proper place….



Bandcamp Friday? I’ve made three cups of tea today while trying to figure out how we keep going in terms of Cultivate during these times of locked-door virus fallout,  the Art Council looked down their rather aloof noses at us, they’ve all been awful,  the disasterous cups of tea I mean. Bandcamp Friday?  It does really feel like we’re just part of the marketing plan at times – not a word of thanks from Cafe Oto the other day, just another mail asking for another plug, the Lesbian Dykes are about the only people who have said thanks all year. Apparently if you buy something via Bandcamp today, Friday, the bands or the labels get all the damn money.Maybe we sohuld start a record label, nah, that’s a stoopid idea, we had that idea before, what a sillt idea that was…

Now this is glorious, I’ve gone on about it before, if I have it right, the big piece of beauty has never even reissued, it came out back there in the last century as a seven inch slice of vinyl, every second of it is briliant, I mean, a whole load of bands tearing up AC/DC Skingraft style, listen to it, listen to it loud now, loud enough to drown out the riot police for a moment, just listen (loud), play it again and again, youll never settle for the originla versions again, this is possible the greatest seven inch slice of vinyL ever, alongside Move It, but then the brilliance of Move It goes without saying, if I ever was to get rich, I won’t now, that notion has long past, eaten up by the Organ monster, but if I ever did my one big self indulgent thing would be a dukebox with Move It on there along with all my old Sweet singles and Shellac’s version of Jailbreak, Just listen to those Brice Grace echoes and…


and listen to the way Shellac’s heartbeats are racing But he made it out, with a bullet in his back. I ain’t breaking no rocks on no chain gang or making no more abad cups of tea and vullets flying everywhere and a hole in who’s head and all in the ame of liberty and it is rather hard to type and duckwal;k with a red Gibson air guitar at the same time.

There’s a whole load of re-issies and such let loose from SkinGraft today, and you can see it all ridingout of te sunset on your colour TV screen, don’t be starting no fight now, I’m TNT!  Watch the whole damn thing explode, damn damn damn, I;ve always loved this record, if ever a re-issue was needed, this wins the fight, this is a powerload, watch it explore… yeah, I asmit it was me singing that ACDC sonf at that Yowie gig while they fixed that string, write about that in yer play for today Brian – Geordie we’re always better than Beano’s version of AC/DC, Shellac were always gods, SkinGraft have always been just about the best label out there, go explore four vital Skingraft re-issues out today via their Bandcamp page  and I need to go paint now please…

Here’s some freshly re-issued US MAPLE goodness…


More Bancamp Friday goodness? This is a bit of a gem, a lost piece of goodness from 2004 and a band called Ahvak, apparently the only album they ever released, seems if you type “five” into the discount code bit you get it today, Friday, at half price…


Seems our old friends Pallas are on the Bandcamp Friday bandwagon as well, one for you new wave of prog heads who remeber Organ from the Wardour Street days, cut and run now, eyes of the world look in fright….


No, not ready to just post about music yet, the love for Marvyn has been expressed around here before –ORGAN THING: Marvin Gaye’s “lost” 1972 album released at last, as vital now as it surely would have been back then…

Just what is going on out there?





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