ORGAN THING: The multifaceted surrealist jazz punk of I Am Meat, Cafe Oto’s treasure trove of recorded responses to the lockdown, Red Brut, TakuRoku and…


sw – recycled hand painted vinyl.

Organ Thing of The Day – Shall we do you a two for the price of one deal today? Nah, we’ll be back later, lots to do today. Right now you can set the table, light the fire and take in a slice or tw ofrom those vegitatians called I Am Meat –  “guitarless punk with multifaceted vocals” so they say, no guitars, suculant, ripe, sax, bass and drums, “a variety of unortodox grooves since April 2011” s othey say, didn;t we have them play at the Stinging Netil back there?. “Quintessential English colonialist surreal humour in a Vivian Stanshall meets Diz Willis kind of way.” said someone else, certainly a rugged antidote to something or other, sounds of a squabble, bit of a shuffle, stress? Shame about the cutter, spare us the cutter, piss it all away, the album is out on June 5th, you can taste three tracks on the Bandcamp page, get away from that fruit machine, mash those potatoes, signs of a distress, far more than just a tortured mess…


Well yes, lets go for one more than one, going for the two, I;m sure those Cafe Oto people, like lots of us who run small venues of galleries or whatever, need a little support.

Cafe Oto say “This month we preview our new in-house digital imprint, TakuRoku, featuring works made in response to the current lockdown.”

Here’s a taste or two offered by way of a pointer t the Cafe Oto website where you’ll find lots lots more in terms of mailorder and download… .

cafeOTO · OTO Radio – Takuroku Preview

Red Brut is the moniker of Marijn Verbiesen (part of Sweat Tongue and JSCA). As Red Brut she is isolated, displaying a highly talented ear for day-to-day sounds, musique concréte composition and spontaneous sound collage. ““Not live in Japan” is a montage created out of live recordings made in Nagoya, Matsumoto, Oita and Kanazawa. It’s not a live registration, but a new entity, a distorted memory if you will, but also a gaze into the future, in anticipation of my return to my beloved Japan.” “Not Live in Japan” is one ofthe many things you can find via Cafe Oto

“As well as being an outlet for some incredible new work created over the past few weeks, TakuRoku aims to provide a way to help sustain both Cafe OTO and the artists involved through these incredibly challenging times. 50% of the profits from each purchased download will go directly to the artist, and artists will continue to receive the usual split from titles downloaded with membership credits. We’ve got some amazing recordings in the pipeline so stay tuned over the coming weeks! In the meantime, hope you’re al all safe and well”.

cafeOTO · Takuroku


And while we’re here, we too bring all this to you for free and right now we’re locked down and the gallery is closed so no outlet for the art (other than on-line) and it is art sales that fund this Cultivate/Organ thing and well….

DONATE TO ORGAN – We bring all this art, music and underculture to you for free, we really don’t want to clutter up our pages with annoying adverts, no one wants that, but it does take up a lot of time, hours and hours of time. If you should feel like supporting Organ and making a small donation to help keep all this flowing that would be delightful, thank you.

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