ORGAN THING: On the run from time served in Grand Ulena, Jitters and Yowie, Terms have a new video and a taste of sounds to come…


Got to love those fish, Terms have a fishy video, a video made by Danny Piechocki and co-starring Christopher Trull, credit where the credit is due.  Terms, we’re told are “a socially-distanced band”, a band who “deal in dissonance. Arriving by way of St. Petersburg Florida and St. Louis, Missouri – Terms are the aforementioned Danny Piechocki and Christopher Trull – and “Hoarder of Operations” is the first single from their debut EP of the same name”. I do believe we mentioned the EP already but there is a video now and these things must be repeated, good music is good for you, it is for your good, and how good is this? Good, good is what it is. Having served in acts such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and Yowie, Terms bring a wealth of experience and a hearty dash of the unexpected to the operating table. The title track “Hoarder Of Operations” offers a taste of sounds to come – an altogether different version of the song is being readied to appear on a forthcoming full-length on SkinGraft.


Terms “Hoarder Of Operations” EP is available now via the good offices of the constantly rewarding SkinGraft Records, more detail via Bandcamp


Meanwhile, while we’re here, there is this from Tijuana Hercules, another band we have already mentioned in recent times


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