ORGAN: Five Musical things – A socially distanced Terms (ex-Grand Ulena and Yowie don’t ya know), meanwhile Black Midi, PVA and more rally for the Brixton Windmill and ‘ere, have some Dazzling Killmen, The Wharves and…


The street, East London, May 2019

Shall we do that five bands thing again, or the five slices of music thing? Shall we do any of these things?  What is this Organ thing? Have you even looked at the last five things yet? Alright already, I didn’t get where I am today by posting too much music or indeed eating too many slices of  strawberry-jam-splattered burnt toast. Don’t be making toas when there’s pigeons in the studio, it is a thankless task, I’d rather be painting and what with this virus thing and thermo nuclear thrash and no gigs and no art shows and white walls to go look at and this and that and the other, and well, more music and clapping with one hand  and I guess there;s a point to be found somewhere?

1:  Terms are “a socially-distanced band, deal in dissonance”, so we’re told, (ex-Grand Ulena, Yowie and Jitters we’ll have you know),   “Arriving by way of Tampa Bay, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri – Terms consist of Danny Piechocki and Christopher Trull – and “Hoarder of Operations” is their SKiN GRAFT Records’ debut. Having served in acts such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and Yowie, Terms bring a wealth of experience and a hearty dash of the unexpected to the operating table. The title track “Hoarder Of Operations” offers a taste of sounds to come – an altogether different version of the song is being readied to appear on a forthcoming full-length. This EP rendition features an alternate mix and an entirely different drum performance. “Heal My Borings” and “Who Will Save The World From Art?” are newly updated mixes of songs the band previously self-released. Both feature new drum performances – and all three tracks were mastered specifically for this EP by Todd Rittmann (Dead Rider, U.S. Maple) in Chicago.


2: The Wharves –  Now this is isn’t something new but yer man or woman who does the Twittering over at Gringo Records (didn’t know Gringo were still going, we covered Gringo things quite a bit back in the day, back whe nwe were still jsut about cool enough for the likes of Gringo), so yer person at Gringo just terminded us (via a post on their afforementioned Twitter feed ) of the besutiful pop of The Wharves and how their dongs or even songs (sometimes a typo is worth leaving in) have just the right D.iY. edge in there with just the right amount of psychedelic warmth and correct dose of atttude. All of thier albums are currently avaiable via their Bandcamp at a pay what you want or grab for free if you really must price and well here’s one of them but do go explore them all…


3: Dazzling Killmen – There’s an abrasive slice of retro Killemen re-issued via the good ship  Skin Graft today as well, here’s where you go to find out what it might be all about, we do this dirty job so you don’t have to, well we put up the links and the signposts, you can do the rest, all about the Garbage Pale Kids that no one loved or something like that, multi-taking results in burnt toast and there is a no fly rule here in the studio, those pigeons never follow the rules….


4:  Black Midi – this is a track from a benefit album that’s just been launched in support of The Windmill, that fine musical venue over there in Brixton


“Brixton’s The Windmill has provided fertile ground in recent years for a whole host of ambitious and forward-thinking acts now breaking through, Black Country, Road and Black Midi perhaps the most notable among them. In December both performed there as an improvised supergroup: Black Midi, New Road.

Black Midi, New Road and a host of names including Kate Tempest, Fontaines D.C., Dan Carey’s Scottbrains, Shame, Jerskin Fendrix, PVA & Goat Girl, will be contributing live material recorded at The Windmill to a Bandcamp fundraiser album released today, 1st May as part of the Music Venues Trust’s #SaveOurVenues campaign.

Bandcamp are waiving their revenue share for 24 hours, and all proceeds will be split equally between The Windmill, to help support the venue through the ongoing pandemic, and the local charity Brixton Soup Kitchen.  The 16 track album costs £5 (or more if people want to) here



5: Folly Group – here’s another slice from that Windmill album, we’ll leave you with it while we go figure out how to pay the bills and keep Cultivate going. There’s loads of good stuff on that Windmill album, now if only painters supported the galleries that help  like musicians support venues, music was always better at understanding that coming together and supporting each other was a good things, the everyone for themselves attitude of the art world is soemthing I’ve never understood …


6: And here’s some PVA from the self same album.


The Windmill, one of the very few venues in London we never actually put a gig on at, vital venue though, as so many of the little ones are, the little artist led alleries, the venues run by real music people, the breeding grounds, the test beds, the places with the stepping stones, been to  some grat nights at the Windmill…  I’m out of here, we might do this five pieces of music thing again next week, then again, maybe we won’t… I’m off to throw some paint at something, maybe stare at this bill, have a nice day now, long live the Windmills of this land, out of here, the man is at the door wanting some rent, off to paint a nurse’s portrait.. (sw)





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