ORGAN: Five more musical things – Ohyung, Charlie Looker’s Nothing Human, Beach Comber, a delicious Resina remix, White Boy Scream and some Psychic Graveyard…


25: ZORAN CRNKOVIC – ‘Americana’, Acrylic on Canvas, 6×8 feet

Some music, some musical things that have flown our way, musical things deamed  worthy of sharing this fine Tuesday, five slice of music, or maybe six or seven, in no particular order, five or six or maybe seven pieces of music doing the talking so we don’t have to. You’ve got the music, you’ve got the links, do with it all what you will. Once again the art on today’s page is art you will find as part of the current #43Artists exhibition brought to you by Cultivate and hosted on this very website… Some music for you to explore…

1: Nothing Human – the fourth Nothing Human single, Charlie Looker‘s new thing, he of Extra Life and such, the msic does all the taking we really don’t need to do we?


2: Beach Comber  – We really should share this, it is rather beautiful, it glows, it really is what we need right now, today, in this lockeddown state we find ourselves in when it just might be starting to peck at us, the no showing of out art on galleries or meeting friends at the openings or going to a gig and sharing the communal delight of live music with strangers, that shared glance of knowing as we catch each other cheering the same thing. I’ll be honest here, I have no real idea who Rory Friers is, the link just went past on our Twitter feed and well, it is often worth taking a moment just to check. Actually now I’ve checked, turnes out we’ve covered Rory’s music and indeed played it on the radio many times, And So I Watch You From Afar or so it seems, don’t ask me, I’ve never been one of those chin-stroking trainspotter types who takes note of who’s in which band. I was at a gig a few weeks before the lockdown thinking I must go and and ask about whatever this is they’re playing over the PA, it sounded rather good, I will admit it was it was ringing a bell or two, turned out ot be something we’d released on ORG back there – I’m just sharing idle thoughts here as this rather beautiful album unwinds in the late afternoon sunshine, seems Rory has just released it under the name Beach Comber, go explore it via his Bandcamp page


“Things happen in a weird way sometimes. This record was never meant to be heard by a lot of people, but now seemed like a good time to put it out there. Recorded a few years ago in the upstairs of a little farm house near the beach on the North coast of Antrim. Its was made for two very special people in my life. It documents their beautiful but heart breaking year travelling the world together and it was a gift to them on their wedding day. Its a collection of songs about people, for people and it seemed like now, more than ever, was a good time to celebrate those ideas. I hope you enjoy them. Like many of us this is a really rough patch we’re going though, without being able to play shows purchasing my music is a way you can support me and other musicians out there. You can download it for free if you’re in a tight spot yourself, but on the other hand if you can afford it, just know that it means the world to me at this time. Much love and respect, Rory xo”


197: KELDA STORM – Studio shot, screen print screen, work in progress.

3: Resina – “Hi there, I hope that you are keeping safe and well. I just wanted to let you know that Warsaw-based cellist/composer Resina has announced a brand new single in the form of a remix from fellow Polish producer M8N (aka Miron Grzegorkiewicz). ‘Procession/ Surface’ is a composite track formed out of remixes of two of the tracks from her 2018 album ‘Traces’ (which already spawned an EP of remixes from Lotic, Abul Mogard, Tim Hecker and Ian William Craig). The track will be released as a digital single on May 7th cia 130701 / FatCat Records” – and it is very much worth sharing here don’t you think? I assume that’s why it was sent here? It is a thing of beauty, it does demand a little bit more, it is an evolution of a piece of music that rather rewards, here’s the video…




4:  White Boy Scream – Don’t be asking us what this is all about, go ask the voice at Deathbomb, the details are there via the Bandcamp. I don’t really see why we should have all the answers?  I havem’t bee nout for over a month now what with this Lockdown, not t othe Uniqlo shop or anywhere and who the flip are you wotking for, Olando Bloom or Spandau Ballet or…


5: Ohyung – or Spandau Ballet or, hang on, that’s six now, or is it still five? Did we kick one out? who’s counting? Some one over at Deathbomb – “Aggressive socio-political rap from this NY based Chinese experimental rapper & producer, perfect for Deathbomb Arc fans wanting more in the vein of our JPEGMAFIA releases” so it seems,


“A note from the artist: “The title of this album comes from a photo I found in the Oakland Museum of California. It’s a black and white photo taken by a white woman in the early 20th century. The photo captures a young Chinese man in early San Francisco Chinatown working on something by candlelight. There are no details of his life. All people of color in America have flames. Protect your flame.”  – Don’t ask me, does six go into five? Number Nine? If six was nine? 43? if six was seven then we’d add another slice of music and you wil have long given up on this page and all this damn obscure msuic, al lyou really want is things you already know about it, bloody Elbow of some such band. Someone said those Manic Street Preaher were still artound and indeed threatening for forch NHS nurses ot attend a gig one this virus thing has been chased off,  do the nurses really deserve soemthing like that after al lthey’ve done for us all?


165: TOM OF BRIGHTON – “#52” – Oil on board,

6: Psychic GraveyardFrom the upcoming album ‘A Bluebird Vacation’ on Deathbomb Arc. Is there a person I cn spea with premiered on some other website somewhere but I’ve always thought that premiering thing was a whole bag of bulpoop. Was there a warning sign? This is a crisis, we must save our brave nurses from those Manic Street Preachers. Today, SLUG is thrilled to premiere the music video for “Is There a Hotline?,” the new single from noise-rock outfit Psychic Graveyard. Check out the pandemic-themed video below, No idea who Slug are or is but we’re thrilled to take the video and psot it here, long live the free state of anarchy or chaos or disorder or the


That really shoud do for today don’t you think?






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