ORGAN: Five Musical Things – The beautiful Kraut-flavoured Attraktors, the forward facing sound of Lauren Bousfield, Pumpkin Witch, Stolen Apple and that Household Gods album…



Five more musical things, five things in no particular order, five things that have come our way in recent days, five carefully selected music things from the many many things that come our way with all the things, five things from the inbox, no need or time for an editorial., this Organ takes up far to omuch painting time, a life time of time and things, here’s some new music, do what you will with it, that a piece of jessica Hillart up there, you can find more of her via the (And with good) Reason exhibition and this link here, the 49th of around 200 pieces of art waiting to be explored…

1: Attraktors – There’s something rather beautiful about Attraktors, there’s something beautifully fluid, this latest taste of their soon to be released self-titled debut album, there’s soemthing rather soothing about their Krautrock-influenced forward movement, that spirit of the age, that so far perfect blend…

Antronhy · Attraktors – Maximum Minimum

“Nottingham trio Attraktors are former members of Julian Cope’s band, Six By Seven, Bivouac, The Selector and The Nectarine No. 9, who together make a glorious noise amalgamating the best bits of krautrock, kosmische, spacerock, artrock and synthpop into an idealised whole. Whether proto-punk motoring like kings of speed, or floating on frippertronics, Attraktors merge the clean celestial freshness of electronics with the corporeal ripeness of live instruments and vocals, traversing moments of motoric, effervescence, funkiness, gentle melancholy, whimsy and cerebral spiritual transcendence. Primarily the album has a distinctly English characteristic, like Kraftwerk raised on tea and cricket, where the spirit of classics like Eno, Numan, Tim Blake, Human League and Depeche Mode burns bright, but neighbours with German giants Harmonia, Neu and Klaus Schulze, who also loom in the grooves. Further sojourns into the new age / minimalism of Laraaji and Midori Takada, and even the cosmic disco of Patrick Cowley make for a successfully slick trans-continental and multi genre assemblage, that’s more exquisite corpse than Frankenstein’s monster. Following 12”s by Skatebård, Photonz and Brassica, ‘Attraktors’ is the first longplayer to be released on Vivod – one of several esteemed labels founded by the DJ, musician and producer Ali Renault”. More here very soon.


2: Lauren Bousfield – Now how good is this very forward facing first taste?  Here’s what yer Deathbomb spokesperson has to say about it, Deathbomb do keep on delivering, here’s what they have to say –  “Did you know? The Lauren Bousfield album is finally on pre-sale!!! Cassettes available here! Bandcamp here! Wide digital pre-saves here!! There is so much to say about this incredible album, but since things are just starting up for it, we’ll leave that till next time, as we suddenly find ourselves with three new releases in hand! All ones knew were coming, but due to slow downs at manufacturers, we weren’t sure when they would arrive! So, if you have pre-ordered any of these, they’ll be coming soon! If not, grab them now!”


3: Stolen Apple – now who steals apples, what a dispicable idea, kind of like Stolen Apple, they’re not breraking any new ground, they’re quite clearly an alt rock, feeding off the usual suspects, Husker Du, Neil Young, Sonic Youth and well you know the score, they’re from Italy, they’ve got a slightly shambolic new wave feel in there, a Stiff thing, and we all know if ain stiff it ain;t worth an f, I like this, I like the looseness, I like them. I like the undercooked feel, who cares what I like, I like the singer’s accent, so often it doesn’t work when someone clearly isn’t singing in their first language…

4: Pumpkin Witch – yeah, okay so it might be a year old now but don’t you love that artwork, Evil Edna or what, Better Days in full effect, Ullulators and Oroonies and what have you, don’t be asking us who Pumpkin Witch are, apparently it just cane out out this week on very limited edition green vinyl and we can share something that’s been out a year if we want, here’s the Bandcamp


“Good God. I’ve escaped the clutches of the Pumpkin Witch. But for how long, I know not. I was torn from my home, last October, by three dark figures: The Disgraced Scientist, The Vampire Tyrant, and Haunter of Darkened Forests. These are the three villains responsible for summoning the Pumpkin Witch and conjuring chaos and death in my small town. And soon, the rest of the world. While trapped in the hovel of the Pumpkin Witch, her terrible plans became mockingly revealed to me. Knowing what may be the ghastly fate of humanity was but a part of the barrage on my psyche. Just laying eyes on that half-rotted gourd hag was torture enough. I wish not to delve much more into what I suffered at the hands of my vile tormentors, for my own mental well-being. Some good may have come from my entrapment by the Pumpkin Witch and her cohorts though: I discovered a possible weakness. The Pumpkin Witch is a seemingly ancient phantasm that can inhabit any body prepared for her. If I can expel her spirit, the very essence of the Pumpkin Witch, from the sickening physical vessel she currently inhabits, and transfer it to another vessel of my own control, her murderous designs could not come to pass. This will require a great deal of research of the occult, and a deep understanding of magic to pull this off. I will need to figure out a suitable vessel to entrap the Pumpkin Witch in, as well as learn the necessary spells to end this reign of terror. For my own safety, as well as your own, I cannot give away too much of my current whereabouts. I know that awful crone and her cronies are out searching for me. However, what I can say, is that I have already learned much arcane knowledge at a meeting of mystics in Worcester Massachusetts a couple months ago. More knowledge and incantations must be learned, and materials gathered, in order to see my plan through and put a stop to the Pumpkin Witch. Her campaign of horror must be ended, her plan for planetary dominion stopped. I shall continue my work and you, dear confidants, shall be updated as necessary. Be wary, stay safe, and thank you for sticking with me, Mr. C-”


5: Household Gods are David Pajo (Slint, Zwan), Vern Rumsey (Unwound), LKN and Conan Neutron, we’ve covered their rather different thing on these fractured pages before, they have their Palace Intrigue album ready to go now, here it is via that oh so vital thing called Bandcamp, you don’t really need more words from us, you have ears, I have places to be, paint to throw, just play it and see, we long since stopped being serious music journalists, not that we ever were, who needs words and dancing around building and the architecture of a sentence when you can just have the music…


There some previous coverage and background here – ORGAN THING: Now this is rather beautiful, Household Gods are a band featuring David Pajo (Slint, Papa M), Vern Rumsey (Unwound), Lauren K. Newman and Conan Neutron and this is a rather special first taste…


Household Gods

And while we’re here…


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