ORGAN THING: Gent three-piece Steiger are back with more of their experimental otherness, taste some here…

A proper Organ Thing of The Day and ooohhh, now hang on, fresh Steiger, this is good (again), that street artist from the previous post wants us to help him with his new street art marketing now, yeah right. mushrooms always did leave a bad taste, enough of that, let’s talk about the Absolution of a French Fry instead, how good is this, chips are good. “Gent three-piece Steiger are set to release new album ‘The New Lady Llama’ on the 9th April via groove-obsessed label Sdban Ultra, home to such artists as John Ghost, De Beren Gieren, TaxiWars, Glass Museum, Black Flower and stuff”

“Steiger is a 21st century piano trio who continue to exemplify the spirit of exploration in their sound. If the critically acclaimed albums ‘And Above All’ (2017) and ‘Give Space’ (2018) prove anything, is that Steiger is not just a band, but a continuous work-in-progress”, we have covered them before, we have the whole wholesome album here, exploring it for the first time right now, so far so good, more soon I expect, for now here’s a first taste just released…

And it seems that, accoring to their Facbook page, link just down there) there’s an on-line convert happening tomorrow, March 24th…



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