ORGAN: Five Random Things – some more Gazelle Twin, the Art Car Boot Fair August Sizzle, Guy Evans and some Greggery Peccary, My Dog Sighs in an abandoned music hall, The Black Saturn Experimental HipHop show…

An IVAN SGHIRINZETTI piece, as featured in the current Cultivate on-line show, Saturation

Just five random things that have passed our way in the last few days, five things worth passing on, five, all about the fives, just five random things, five random pieces of art, five parish noticeboard signposts, five things, five..


1: There’s a really good Gazelle Twin piece on the Get in Her Ears blog – “Our ‘Still Spinning’ feature celebrates records that we have an enduring love for. For this instalment, @KCBobCut talks us through why Gazelle Twin‘s debut album ‘The Entire City’ (released in 2011) is still one of her most influential listens to date” – read the piece here and well worth checkling out what else Get in Her Ears has to offer,,,

2: The Art Car Boot Fair Autumn Sizzle is where the fair that has been forced on line for the last couple of years while we’ve all locked down and juggled with Covid and the rest of it – their last event was the rather buzzing Spring Flora and Fauna edition where some 150 invited artists took part in a four day on line event – the sizzle sees the launch of the Art Car Boot Fair online shop. The shop has launched with a revolving set of weekly releases, exclusive paintings, prints and such from invited artists. The new Art Car Boot Fair on-line shop can be viewed right now. in recent weeks there’s been new work from Susie Hamilton, Pure Evil, Christian Furr, Rachel Megawhat and quite a few more (okay there might be a painting or two from someone called Sean Worrall as well, unlike the bag of corrupt self-serving Tories who currently run the country, we like to be up-front about these things). Latest news from the Art Car Boot Fair team is there will be another on-line event in November and that they’re lopking at a new live in person physical event alive with art and people and music and noise and all those things we want from the fair that started back in 2005, for Spring 2022. More from

3: Now who are Graham Davis and The Trendmongers? – Well here’s their take on Frank Zappa’s The Adventures of Greggery Peccary via a video by Eleanor Crook. “”Guy Evans’ other band, AMM All Stars, contributed a piece for the online Zappanale Festival. Guy is hardly seen, but is in fact playing on quite a lot of it. There is a clip or two of GE in the second half, playing on a tiny stage in The Story Garden, next to St Pancras International. The vid and music are both really great (insane, maybe, but wonderful nonetheless)!” so said Jim Christopulos on a social media feed that was aimed at Van Der Graaf Generator followers. Guy Evans is of course the Van Der Graaf drummer and this is a rather tasty version

Made to be shown at the Virtual Zappanale 2021
Graham Davis – electric guitar, vocals, synth, drum machine, arrangement, recording, sound editor
Out To Lunch – narration, piano
Helen Tate – violin, vocals
Paul Shearsmith – trumpet
Robert “Sugarlips” Goldsmith – baritone sax
Eleanor Crook – electric guitar, electric bass, visual editor
Mike Watt – electric bass
Peter Baxter – tabletop percussion
Iris Watson -djembe hand drum
Guy Evans – hybrid drumset
There are also special guest contributions from Zappanale celebrities Andrew Greenaway and Tim op het Broek.

My Dog Sighs at Nelly Duff, Columbia Road, East London, November 2019

4: My Dog Sighs has been up to things in his homelands of Portsmouth, the oft-feratured around these parts, street-art flavoured artist is, well lets let the Fifth Wall TV team tell you via one of their many video features – “Join Doug as he explores the abandoned music hall that’s been brought to life in Portsmouth, England. For 18 months local street artist Paul Stone aka My Dog Sighs has been uncovering the mystery and history of one of the seaside cities most beloved venues. His Quiet Little Voices step to the forefront of the artist’s creative direction at the heart of Stone’s most ambitious project to date”. We’ll resist the tempration to point out football didn’t start in 1992 and that free art and Free Art Friday was a thing way before 2006 and the internet, good to see this gloriously anbitious project coming together, My Dog has been hinting about it for ages, nice one Mr Stone. And always worth checking out Fifth Wall in terms of Street Art

5: The Black Saturn Experimental HipHop show – And well I guess it does what it says on the tin or the label on the tin, some hip hop – “The Black Saturn Experimental Hiphop Show is a monthly series.That features tracks from Black Saturn exclusively for the show”

And well, five random things we thought we’d flag up and pass on just because we care. do what you will with it all, here’s some Frank..

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