ORGAN THING: Blectum From Blechdom’s new album and a place that puts a smile on your face. What a brilliant delight of a thing, how insanely good is this?

Now this new album from Blectum From Blechdom is either annoyingly brilliant or in insanely maddening, been meaning to say something about it for weeks, there’s always a distraction, an opium den or a cute fox or too much orange squash or something stupidass like that and then it happens again and the angels  and the devils put pay to writing something and oh I’ll do it tomorrow nd can we have a full stop now please? If I could find just one little hour, what is the story here? Just how gloriously good is this album? How much sugar would you like in that cup of tea?

The duo, composed of Kevin Blechdom and Blevin Blectum, bring us their sixth official album and first for the ever interesting ever rewarding Deathbomb Arc label. This window has been open for weeks, let me get it all done now for the wait is over and “Somewhere between the rodeo clowns in the summer and archangels at the end of time: Blectum from Blechdom have returned. This is obvious from the moment your needle drops on their new album ‘DeepBone’ and never lets you forget it. Swirling swarms of inhumanly perky voices bounce between your speakers, only taking breaths for the electronics to be equally overcharged. Hyper-melodic glitches and helium-contaminated Broadway arrangements are all interwoven with brocaded beats and elegant fractal architectures, sending an important message: Brain go crazy now!”.

“You’re really listening to that again!? Can you turn it off now please, just for a bit, pleeeeeeese”, it is a bit like having a relentless parrot on your hands and everyone knows how beautifully head-pecking a non-stop parrot is. We did tell you about them before, when the first single from this new album came out back in May – ORGAN THING: The brilliantly refreshing return of Blectum From Blechdom, this will take you to a place where smiles are always on your face… and if you do nothing else do listen to that track that was the first single.

– now just how refreshing is this? Just how welcome is this? This will take you to a place where smiles are always on your face. Today’s Thing is a celebration of the return of Blectum From Blechdom and a brilliantly uplifting first taste of the (unexpected) out of the blue new album, if everything is as good as this one track then bring it all on right now. Here’s what Deathbomb Arc (the label) have to say on the matter…

“So much to share this week, but let’s start with the insane, amazing news that BLECTUM FROM BLECHDOM have returned! One of the most important experimental electronic acts out of Cali from the early 00s is back with an album called ‘DeepBone’. It is on pre-sale now on vinyl and bandcamp!! If you are already a fan of this wild duo, you know how big of news this is. If you are just discovering them now, click through on that bandcamp link and listen to the new single to find out for yourself!”

And that is what was said when the single cane out and now we have the full album and it doesn’t let any of us down and boys will boys, it is adorable, it is annoyingly good, you could take it anywhere and what’s all the noise about boys anyway? Hey look, here it is, play it loud, play all the way through, then play it again and then play the whole thing again and then do it again (and again)


It surely is one of the standout albums of the year, Pathetic Symphony and everything, it is insane, insanity is a good thing sometimes surely? Hey look, we posted the Bandcamp bit there, you can go listen for yourself, you surely know to trust us by now, you don’t need wordy reviews, you just need the links and signposts And then comes ther art deco perfection of Snauses In The Sky, if nothing else just treat yourself to that one and tell me it isn’t a place that puts a smile on your face. What a brilliant delight of an album, insanely good, brilliant, more orange quash and sugar cake, bring it all on, play it again, play it again (sw)

And while we’re here, here’s some things from previous times

Munny Secret Storage – From the album De Snaunted Haus.

2: O.S.T. – Untitled (Bad Music & Buttprints B)

3: Blectum From Blechdom sing The Noise About Boys Multi-track A Cappella..

4: Shithole…. Fishin’ in Front of People: The Early Years 1998-2000

2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Blectum From Blechdom’s new album and a place that puts a smile on your face. What a brilliant delight of a thing, how insanely good is this?

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